Thursday, January 7, 2010

Valentine Shirts!

OK - So due to it being crazy around our house with the craft room redo and since I am still trying to complete orders for baby showers, etc. and since I just went back to my full time job (it's our busy time at work right now too), I am going to try something different in regards to posting valentine shirts.

The pics that I am posting are of different designs and most of the fabric/material that I have in stock to use on the shirts. However, the appliques are NOT sewn on, nor do I have any embellishments on the shirts, so it may look a little different than the rest of my items that I usually post :)

So since I truthfully don't have the time to see all the sample shirts in time for everyone to get their orders in, I wanted to post alot of the different designs and then give everyone the option to pic your own design, color of shirt/onesie and then of course the material that you would like!

Now PLEASE remember that I usually add some sort of embellishment and/or ribbon to any shirt that I think needs it or if you ask for in order to ensure that the shirt is absolutely adorable for you!

Additionally, if there is something that you would like to see for Valentines day but I do not have it made, please feel free to email me with the design idea! I love getting custom orders!
OH and I have alot of white, red and black onesies/shirts in stock and then I have some fuchsia shirts in sizes 6-10 girls.

Pic #1 - Sweet Heart

Pic #2 - Angel wings (Red and White)

Pic #3 - Angel Wings (White and Zebra)

Pic #4 - Mom Tattoo Heart

Pic #5 - Red and White Hearts

Pic #6 - Red, Zebra and White hearts

Pic #7 - Heart with scroll

Pic #8 - Lil' Angel and Lil' Devil :)

Pic #9 - XOXO

Pic #10 - Sweet Hearts

Pic #11 - Valentine Cupcake :)

Now these are just a few of the shirt ideas that I got cut out tonight! I have alot more I just have not had a chance to take a pic! So stay tuned for different material, designs, etc!

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