Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Merritt is One!

This little princess turned 1 the other day!
Yep, that is right Ms. Merritt is officially a big girl now!

Do they really grow up this fast?
I mean I still remember the day she was born and now she is already walking around, talking and developing the cutest little personality ever!

It's funny because I may not be able to see this little munchkin all the time, but I can definitely say this little girl has a very special place in my heart.. just like her big sister :)

So Happy Birthday Merritt Grace

And of course I had to make her a birthday outfit to wear to daycare on her birthday! Yep, you can say that I definitely spoil this little girl when it comes to clothes! But since I don't have a little one of my own, I have to enjoy all the ones around me as much as I can!

Merritt's Birthday Outfit!

Thank you Mandy for having the two special little girls that I can enjoy!
Hopefully one day I will have one that we can add to mix.. then that will be trouble for us because we will be outnumbered! :)

A Beautiful Diva named Jenni

Here is precious little Jenni!
I have had the pleasure of making lots of outfits for this little diva over the last couple of months and have loved every minute of it!

Her mom comes up with the best ideas for me to make and then as you can see below.. she definitely knows how to style Jenni in whatever I make for her!

Thanks Georgia for allowing me to make all the fun things for Jenni as she grows!
OH and I am serious... I really want you to be the stylist if I ever decide to do a photo shoot with all the little kiddos :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Shirt Designs!

Want to know what to wear for the upcoming OSU games... this flower tank! Can be customized for any team colors!

Peace sign outfit is perfect for any little girl this summer!
Colors/fabrics, etc. are all customizable!

I just finished this tank for little Merritt and I LOVE it!
She is going to look like a doll in this!

Bad about Blogging Lately....

So I have been MIA from blogging lately. :(
I have been so swamped with orders, trying to get birthday presents made, traveling with work and then still trying to take care of the house and work in spending time with family and friends that I have been neglecting one of my favorite things to do and that is BLOG!
So I am going to try and make up for it with lots of pics of what has been going on and of course a ton of new designs and orders I just finished!

So keep on looking..........

Easton's baseball shirt for his 1st birthday!

Birthday outfit for Ms. Brinleigh's 3rd birthday party... Snow White Theme of course!

Brinleigh's birthday present from her Tata! I added a pink bow to the Eiffel tower but forgot to take a pic of it after wards of course!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More shirts and cute models!

Wohoo! I am better and finishing all my Orders!

Hi Everyone!

I went to the doctor yesterday for my two week check up on my arm/hand and it looks alot better!
And even better it is not hurting anymore. The official diagnosis was tendinitis.
So after some anti inflammatory, a brace and not using it really for 2 weeks, I am back in business!Thank you everyone for being patient with me during this last month. I am now officially caught up and orders are being sent out tomorrow (most of them)!

Here are just a couple of pics of some of the shirts that I have finished this last month
(don't worry there are about 40 other ones that I have yet to take pics of ! Yep, I had about 50 orders outstanding when I got back from vacation and have finally got most of them finished!)
This onesie is perfect for the upcoming football season and to show your support for your favorite player! Completely customizable :)

This is a onesie that I did for a new little girl whose dad is a race car driver! The front is the #2 (his car number) and the back is of course the race car! Perfect for her to wear to the races!

I love the two shirts below!
These are for twin boys who are huge Florida Gator fans! So what better way to support their team this year at the games than with the team color tie shirts! Yep, they will look like two little studs out there!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday and keep looking for more posts to come soon!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Injury has Me Even More Behind on Orders

Hi all!
I am still in the process of trying to respond to everyone's emails regarding orders, etc. that I received while I was gone. I am also trying my best to finish up all previous orders and get those out the door this week....however, I have now had a little set back.
Last week, I started feeling some severe pain in my right hand/arm. I shrugged it off thinking Rufus accidently ran into me to hard or maybe I hit my arm on something, but in the next couple of days it seemed to get alot worse. When I would try to sew I could not hold the needle without severe pain overtaking my hand/arm, I could not use scissors or even type an email!
I finally asked Justin's aunt (a nurse) about the pain and she suggested that I might have carpal tunnel in my hand/arm. So she suggested that I take some motrin and keep my hand and arm wrapped in an ace bandage at night to see if this will help the swelling go down and the pain to surpass. Well after three days, my arm is still completely swollen and the pain has not eased up at all. (Really I can't even type with my hand, I amd doing the good old fashioned hit one key at a time typing to write this)
So now since the swelling has not eased and the pain is still intolerable, everyone is starting to think I might have broken something! AHHHHH!
Needless to say I have a doctors appointment scheduled for tomorrow at 10:50 and I am very interested to learn what is going on with my arm!
I am very very sorry to everyone that I have not yet responded to via email.
I promise this is not like me at all!
I am usually very prompt on responding to any inquiry or order but the truth is, right now I cannot physically type without severe pain :(
I am hoping that the doctor will shed some insight on what is going on with my hand/arm tomorrow and then get me started on the healing path!
So please everyone say a prayer that it's just something minor and can be corrected quickly because I really really want to get back to SEWING.. I miss it!
Hope everyone has a great day and I will keep you all posted!
P.S. I turned 30 and look what is happening to me! Not a great start into the thirties so far :)


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