Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I know, I have not been good about posting!

So I think it's been about 5 days since I have posted anything... I guess I have just been sooooo busy at work and at home that the time just slipped by me :) Nothing really new to post about but there will be a ton of pics of the orders that I have completed hopefully tomorrow! I have finished about 10 shirts and have about 30 more to go..... but at least I feel like I have made headway! Now I can finally start working on some cool new shirts! In other good news I just got a ton of headbands in and should be getting some kufi hats in soon!!! I cannot wait to get these and pair them with some fun shirts!

Now on to something that does not pertain to sewing... Justin and I went on Saturday and got some of our fall decorations for the front of the house! It is starting to look sooo cute and I cannot wait to add my wreath and garland to the windows out front! Oh and of course some more pumpkins that we create ourselves!!!! The inside is starting to look like fall but I still need to get all my fall dishes out, my garland, centerpieces, etc! I am hoping htat I will be able to do that this weekend!

So I leave you all with just one little photo that I have.... a pic of my house in the works of getting ready for fall!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Miss OSU/OU

I received this pic from a friend of mine that ordered an OSU shirt for her little girl and had to share! She looks sooo cute in the shirt and its just makes me smile seeing my shirt on someone that adorable! Thanks for sharing Kristen!

And I had another friend post a pic of her little girl in the OU shirt that I made her. ... you cannot see the whole shirt.. but it gives the idea of how it turned out! Thanks Kelly!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Onesies just finished!!!

So I just finished these onesie and had to share!

Zebra Cross onesie for a baby shower gift of a friend.

Very cute I love mom onesie! I think this one turned out great and I am sure that I will be doing a ton more of these once everyone sees this one!!!

Ok, well it's time to hit the sack! I am completely exhausted and have a very busy day at my "full time" job tomorrow! AHHHH, if Justin would only let me quit my job and stay at home and do this all day.. Just imagine all the fun stuff I would make :) But then again, if I did stay home what would I do with all those master degrees I got... that of course is what I keep getting told by Justin! I guess he does have a point!

Have a good night!!!

Tuesday is Closer to Friday ... Right?

So the past couple of days have been a whirlwind!!! I have been staying up late trying to get orders out and I finally feel like I am making a dent in getting everything done :)

I was able to ship off four shirts yesterday to my cousin in Stillwater and they all turned out soooo cute! However, I was in such a hurry to get them shipped that I totally forgot to take pics.. but I definitely know that I am gong to make myself a cross shirt after seeing how cute the ones on the youth shirts turned out!! I am even thinking of doing some of these as Christmas gifts for all the little kiddos that I have running around me.. they were just that cute!
Last night I was also able to finish up the following shirt orders..

Bis Sis shirt for a little 2 year old with matching lime green tutu and hair bow (still making the tutu)... She is wearing it in pics they are taking with her and her mom's belly!

KU onesie and hair bow! This one is just adorable in person... and of course it's really girly!!! (My favorite thing about this is the KU on the back in the heart!!!)

Lil Sis for a baby shower gift for a friend. Still not completely finished with this.. I need to add rhinestones, etc. to it to make it a little bit more flashy!

So in other news, I still have about 40 orders outstanding, but hopefully I can stay up late this week and get alot of those finished!!! I am still just sooo amazed and excited about how well this little "Hobby" of mine has taken off! I could not be more blessed to be able to share all my fun onesies/shirts with people!
Hope everyone enjoys thier day.. it's a rainy cold day in OK but it's Tuesday and that means it is one day closer to Friday!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I certainly did!!!! I got to see my favorite little girl Morgandy, play in her basketball game on Saturday and yes, she is doing great at her free throws! I still know NOTHING about basketball so I just kind of sat at the game holding baby Merritt and yelling when I thought it was appropriate!(Really I just wait to hear other people yell then try to say something kind of like what they do :) ) After the game, I got to take momo home and that is when she informed me with the cutest little smile that I really do need to learn more about the game of basketball when I was telling her she did good at that shooting thing :) AHH you just got to love her!

Saturday afternoon Justin surprised me and got home early from working in Texas! And so we enjoyed doing absolutely nothing but watching football and sewing! (I still am trying to talk him into sewing something for me, but he hasn't given in just yet.) Then on Sunday morning, I got an even better surprise, Justin was suppose to be at the station but had taken off till 7 pm so that we could spend the day together which included going to church, putting the study together, etc. I cannot describe how happy I was to have him home on a Sunday....... even it if was till just 6 pm!

In sewing news, I finished 5 shirts this weekend and they all turned out sooo adorable! I am packing them up and shipping them out tonight so I will take pics beforehand and post them tomorrow!!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kelly's Korner Dinner Recipe

So this week at Kellys Korner it's show your favorite dinner recipe! I know that I have probably made at least one possibly two posts with this recipe but Justin and I LOVE it and try to eat it at least once maybe even twice a week!

Oven Fried Chicken (Weight Watchers Style)

1 egg beaten with 2 tablespoons water
3 or 4 chicken breasts
1 1/2 ounces of corn flakes crushed (I usually use more than 1 1/2 ounces)
8 teaspoons of butter melted
6 tablespoons of flour
1 oz of Parmesan Cheese
1 teaspoon of salt
dash of pepper

1. Mix flour, salt and pepper in one bowl then set aside

2. Mix corn flakes and Parmesan cheese in one bowl and set aside.

3. Dip each chicken breast in the flour mixture, then dip/cover in egg and then coat with the corn flake mixture. Drizzle melted butter over the chicken.

4. Place the chicken in a coated pan and then bake at 375 for 1 hour

We usually always eat this with sweet potatoes and sweet corn and it all goes sooo good together! I hope everyone loves the recipe as much as I do!!! Happy Blog Hopping this Friday!

OSU Tee Finished!

So I absolutely love this shirt.. ! I just finished it for my cousin and it turned out great!

Stay tuned for more pics in a couple of days! I just made a really cute O state shirt that I can't wait to finish and post! It's for Miss Carigan and I know she is going to look absolutely adorable in it!
Hope everyone had a great week and is excited about the weekend! I know I am!

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Outfit Just finished!

Just finished this really cute OU onesie, tutu and hair bow (hair bow can also be used on the tutu as a bow) and thought I would post it real quick! Isn't it precious!

I also just got through making about 4 OSU tees tonight while trying to try to comfort a sick dog.... and I thought kids were the only ones that are winy when they are sick... I think Rufus has cried since the moment I got home :( Poor thing.. it's just one thing after another... we can never keep him healthy! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Precious People in My Life

So I wanted to take a break from posting pics of shirts for a moment and show some cute pics from this weekend's football game. It was the 2nd football game of the season and I am sad to say the Dawgz did not win this game either. :( Bless the little guys hearts... they really are improving!

Here is a great pic of my handsome football coach and Miss Brinleigh during the game. It looks as though they are having a very serious conversation about the next play they should run on offense! You can tell she has Justin wrapped around her finger since he's paying attention to her and not the team during the game :)

Now the pic below just makes me smile even though little Bryce is upset... it's just so cute sometimes when you see the little boys on the sidelines upset, mad, sad, etc. ( I mean seriously they are 4,5, and 6.. we have to remember that) I know the whole family was wanting to run out there and console him but his mommy was right in telling everyone not to... sometimes they have to learn not to cry the hard way! Kimberlea.. I am so with you on this one!

Brinleigh I guess decided she was the bag lady for the team... only I don't think she realized how heavy the bag was!

And finally a few pics of the coaches in action! I can't even imagine how hard it is to get all these little ones to listen to you!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pics of more shirts finished!

OU shirt for little boys!
"K" shirt for baby Kelby due soon!

I love Mimi shirt for a good friend of mines mom... she is expecting her first grandbaby.. Kelby in less than 2 weeks!

Pumpkin shirt with detachable bow! Sooo fun!!!

OSU shirt for Kristen! I love how this shirt turned out! I only wish I had a little girl to wear it!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some New Shirts Finally Finished!

Just a little peak of what I have been working on for the last couple of days!

Shirt for little sis to wear to big sis's basketball game! The team's name is venom and big sis's number is #3!

OSU onesie! GO POKES! I have to admit, I enjoyed making this shirt alot more than the OU ones that I have been making :)

Skull and cross bones onesie for Ms. Kinley! I think we might need to add some ribbon to the shirt... but I will let Kinley's mom make the call on that one :)

These shirts were so much fun to make and I still have about 10 new ideas that I am working on! But those ideas have to be put on hold for just a little bit until I get caught up with every ones orders... I have officially hit 65 orders! Yes, can you belive it.. because I am still in shock.... 65 orders in only 3 weeks! I have to say I am very blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that have helped me spread the word about my new hobby! So everyone that has sent an email, showed someone my blog, placed an order... from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able to do to do this!!!
Well it's back to sewing for me... Hope everyone has a great Saturday night and I hopefully will have alot more pics to post on Monday! So stay tuned!

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Friday!

So nothing really new to post about today... other than I did finish up about 4 orders last night :). I have them packaged and ready to ship or deliver! One of the orders that I finished was for a girls medium leopard print OU shirt... I was not so sure how I would do on a bigger size shirt but I truthfully love how it turned out! Here are a couple of pics!

It's funny because I have SOOOO many ideas for shirts running through my head that I wish I could take off work for a month and get them all made! But since that is not possible right now.. I have been trying to at least work on one or two new ideas in between orders. Hopefully when I get caught up, I can make all these crazy shirts I have in my head that I know everyone will love :) Or at least I will love them!

In other news.. I am desperately trying to get Justin to take off work on Sunday so we can start painting the study/office! I absolutely love the furniture that we bought and can not wait to put the room together! We have decided to go with an antique fire theme.. and I have been desperately searching the internet for black and white picture of old fires in Oklahoma.. not haveing so much luck, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I will find them! Another thing that I really want in the office are my diplomas... so I finally told Justin that all I want for Christmas were my diplomas framed and a pic of each school framed with them... so I will have to wait and see how this turns out.. I am assuming he will pass on this challenge to me! Nothing better than getting to buy your own Christmas present! :) And I have to add that when I told Justin that I wanted them framed.. I secretly laughed not because I don't want them displayed... but because I got a degree in accounting and then an MBA and a Masters in Health Care Administration and now all I want to do is sew and be a stay at home mom (well one day at least :)) I wonder if I could find a diploma to frame for those two careers!

Hope everyone is excited about the weekend! I know that I certainly am... because I think I might be having two special visitors tonight... miss Harlan and her mommy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Allergies Are My Enemy!

So today I got to work from home (one of the many great things about my job) and wouldn't you know it....the one day i can sleep in, I am up at 5:30 because of my allergies! Watery eyes, itchy nose, sneezing, etc. have been my enemy since I woke up and I still cannot get them to go away! Oh why, Oh why did God create allergies!! It sure does put a damper on my work, house cleaning and sewing for the day...not even Allegra or Claritin are helping :(.

One thing that made me smile while dealing with thes horrible allergies is a pic of Ms. Merrit in her cross onesie that I made her. She wore it on Sunday to the Country Club for brunch! Mandy said she has a better pic of her in it, so I will post that when I received it!!! But I still love this pic!!!

Love Love Love her!!!! I just wish you could see the white with green polka dot baby leggings that she is wearing with the onesie! Such a fashion Diva!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A whirlwind of a week/weekend

Wow! Is all I can say about this last week and this weekend.... I have had over 30 orders for shirts/onesies! I never even imagined this could happen.. and I have to admit it's a bit overwhelming, but exciting at the same time! I know that right now it's just busy because everyone is trying to get a shirt for football season and it will soon die down and everyone may forget about my sewing... but for now I am loving making all these wonderful things for people! And since I have been extremely busy with orders the last week or so, I want to give props to Justin who is still working on my craft desk, but for the time being he is watching me destroy the kitchen, dining room and living room with all my crafts. He has not said one word when he come in from work and all he can see is onesies on the dining room table, ribbon and bows on the kitchen counter tops and material/scraps strung all over the living room floor!Hopefully this will put a fire under him and he will finish up the desk on his next four day ;)
In other news... I have finished around 10 orders so far and officially put a little "business card" on them...and yes I finally decided on a name... are you ready.... it's ...


I decided the name could not be more appropriate since after all it's what my blog is called and that is where I post most of the pics of the shirts! (And truthfully I just thought it was a really cute name!) So if you see anything that you like or would like to know if I can make a make something that is not on here, you can email me at
Attached below are a couple of pics of some of my finished orders before delivery/shipping.

And then some pics of some other orders/shirts that I have made!

I still have about 20 more orders at the house that I am working on along with some new shirts for Halloween/Fall/Winter and some really fun girly girl shirts that any little diva would love... OK, well maybe the diva's mom would love alot more than her, but it's all the same! :)

OH What a wonderful Saturday!
In other news, on Saturday I got to spend the day with Mandy and Merritt while we watched football and did some sewing, cutting, and designing shirts! (AND YES, we cheered on our Cowboys to a win over Georgia!) That of course meant all three of us decked out in our OSU gear! I was not able to get a pic of all three of us :( but this one of mom and daughter is certainly adorable enough!

I also cannot thank Mandy enough for letting me invade her house with all my projects and helping me get a head start on all my orders and for even helping me come up with some awesome new shirt ideas!!! and yes, she has already put about 3 or 4 orders in of her own! OH and did I mention that Ms. Merritt wore her cross onesie to the Country Club on Sunday.. Mandy has promised me that she took pics... so I am going to have to make sure that I harass her enough till I get a copy of one of her in it! :)
And on a final note.. This is what I got to enjoy all day on Saturday! Isn't she precious! I just love her to pieces!

Oh and of course I love her sister to pieces too!!

And just to let everyone know that I do not think that Mandy allows Morgandy to dress like this for any events outside of the house!
Hope eveyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Update...

Well the onesie I made below I will admit is not one that I am particularly found of but I had a request to make it. Even though it did turn out really cute.. i would have much rather made it in Orange and Black!

I guess I should just go ahead and create it in Leopard and add those two great colors!!! I am sure that I have little girlies running around that would wear it!
And in other news... I still don't have pics of the house all put together with our new furniture but I found a couple of pics of the new stuff on the Internet.. so here are a couple of sneak peaks of what we have purchased!

So hopefully we can put it all together and post some pics of the new casa look! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! At least the week is half way over! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a weekend!

So this weekend went by so fast but we sure did pack a full weekend in! Saturday my mom and I sewed all day and night! We had a blast coming up with new shirts, bows, etc.! I am posting some pics of some that we finished but most of them are still being worked on so everyone needs to look back soon for all the new stuff!

Tie onesie for a new little boy! (matching big bro shirt will be posted soon)

Cross onesie for a beautiful little girl! (this is my absolute favorite one so far!)


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