Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Onesies and Rufus

Last night I made a "fireman" related onesie for one of the guys at Justin's station! Ed just found out on Monday that he is getting transferred... so Justin wanted to give him a going away gift/baby gift! He is expecting his first little kiddo in December and it's going to be a girl! So Justin asked if I could make a onesie for a girl that is "fire" related! I didn't really know how I could accomplish this.. but I figured if you add a bow and a tutu you can make anything girly! Here is the finished product that I am extremely proud of!

I also made a onesie last night for my friend Mandy, who is having to go back to work next week from maternity leave :( She is super sad, so I thought I would make Merritt an "I Love Mom" shirt and tutu and leave it on her door step to surprise her! I can not even imagine how hard it's gong to be to leave that precious little girl! I told her that I would quit my job and become her nanny! For some reason, Justin is not going for that at all!

And finally here is a Butterfly onesie that I made for my friend Keri who is throwing a baby shower for a coworker!

In other news... I think Rufus is finally becoming healthy! After taking him to the vet every week for the last 3 weeks....oh wait, I think it's been more like a month or two now..... he is perking up and becoming the old Rufus! He has now battled dog acne, bacterial infections, mange, ear infections, skin irritations and numerous other things! Geez!! I saw an article in a paper the other day that the average dog owner spends about $356 dollars a year in vet bills! Um, I think that is more like what we spend in one week! Gotta love the Gufus!

Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday! I know I will because I get to work from home!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday..

WOHOOO... it's Friday! For some reason this week has seemed to go on and on and on.... so needless to say I am super excited for this weekend! Nothing really big planned other than FOOTBALL! Yep, the boys have their first football tournament tomorrow and I am super excited to see how they do.. well maybe I am more excited to see how the coaches handle it! ( I think the frustration is starting to kick in.....but can you blame them! They are trying to get 4,5, and6 year olds to listen, tackle, run in the correct direction and hold onto the ball)
I took some video of the boys last night at practice but for some reason I can't get it to upload... I will work on it and post the video's on here so everyone can see the hysterics!

In other news, I finished up a couple of onesie's shirts last night for some friends... I can't wait to see pics of the little ones in them!

And of course.. I couldn't have a post without showing a pic of one of my favorite little girls! I mean seriously, this is one beautiful little girl!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Introducing.... Merritt Grace Fuller

I finally gave Mandy enough guilt that she sent me pics of Ms. Merritt! I think she is about 10 weeks old now, but at least I can no longer say I don't have any :) So introducing my newest little niece Merritt!! (And yes, I am already completely smitten by her!)

Merritt with her FULL head of hair at the hospital!

Here is Mandy, Merritt, Morgandy and I about 15 Minutes after her arrival!!!! And can I add that Mandy looks AMAZING for just having a baby! Justin better not think that I am going to be looking that good after going through labor :)

She is a DIVA already!

And this has to be my favorite photo so far.... mainly because it has two very very precious little girls in it!

Morgandy giving baby Merritt kisses! Ahhh... I sure do love these two!
On a second note.. Ms. Morgandy will be starting 5th grade tomorrow! I mean seriously were does the time go... I still remember her 6th birthday party where she had 20 little girls stay the night and had a Strawberry Shortcake theme! I sure do wish that we could just stop time and make her that little girl again because she is growing up way to fast. :(

I even told Mandy the other day that talking to Morgandy is like talking to her on the phone. I can officially have a "grown up" conversation with her! For instance the other night she called and we sat and talked for about 30 minutes about life..... she wanted to know when I was going to get married, have kids, what Justin was doing, etc. And to think she is only 10 and talking to me about this stuff.... I guess that is what I get for acting more like her sister than a grown up!

But even though she is growing up, she is still the same ole Momo.. and I got to witness that last week when I stopped by to say hi to the girls before they headed out of town and Morgandy ran up and gave me lots of hugs and then snuggled with me while I was holding Merritt! So see even though she is getting bigger.. we still have a little girl to love on!

So Morgandy - I wish you the best of luck tomorrow at school! ....and just remember if you ever need someone to check you out early to go shopping or play hooky just give me a call! (P.S. we might have to clear this with your mom and Roger first but I can take care of that... because that is what Tata's are for!)
And just for a look into the past... here are some pics of the 5th grader in Mexico for her mommy's wedding! (I don't have access to all my other photos or this blog would never end!)

Sewing and more Sewing!

Last night I finished up a couple of onesies that I am making for a girlfriends who is expecting a little boy in the next couple of months! We are all so excited that we will finally add a little "boy" into the mix of all of us girls and I am super excited that I now have a little man to make clothes for!

And my favorite part of last night..... Justin surprised me and started working on sanding down a desk that was given to us by my aunt so that I could use it to do all my arts and crafts projects on! WOOOHOOO! I may finally have an area to use other than the kitchen table in a couple of weeks! The only hang up with the project as of right now, is that Justin is trying to convince me that a dark brown stain would look great in my "Crafts" room... however I am trying to make him understand that I would much rather have something bright and cheerful to work on! So I am fighting to have it painted white! I will keep everyone updated on the outcome...(and just a hint.. but I usually win on stuff like this!)

Stay tuned for before and after pics of the desk...

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Harley, Sewing, Harlan, OH MY!

Oh my, I think it's been awhile since my last post! I guess that is what you get when you get super busy! What have we been up to...

Well for starters Justin has been stalking the Harley Davidson store for about 3 or 4 months now and I finally gave in and went to look at one with him! Here is the one that he is DYING to have

2010 Fat Boy Lo

My thoughts on this.... UHHH we do not need a motorcycle right now but since I know that he wants a motorcycle sooo badly, I told him I would think about it in November or even maybe next year or maybe when I have a ring on my finger! Since we first agree that he could get a bike as long as I had a ring on my finger first! So I am standing my ground .... I think it's only fair! (On a side note, I do want to apologize to all the sales people at Fort Thunder Harley Davidson.. I know Justin is there at least 4 times a week and spends no less than 3 hours each time... I promise, I will get him out of your hair soon... either with or without a bike!

So even though the Harley has been the topic of EVERY conversation we have these days, I have managed to find something to distract myself as Justin rambles on about new handlebars, pipes, etc., I started sewing! Yes, I usually only do it when there is a baby shower and I need to make a cute gift... however, after the reaction at the last baby shower that I went to.. I have decided to actually start trying to sell a couple of my homemade goodies! And who would have guessed.. I actually have people that want to buy some! Either way if I sell anything or just do it as a hobby for all the little kiddos in my life... it's relaxing and enjoyable for me! So are you ready to see what I have been creating.....
Onesies and T-Shirts

Shirt for Ms. Carigan's 2nd birthday party.. Cupcake theme!

Shirt, Bow and matching tutu for Ms. Harlan's 1 year pics
Dinosaur onesie for Kim's new baby boy!
Shirts for my girlfriend Brandi's new little baby girl Avery!

(Not completely done yet, need to sew on the fabric flower that matches the "A" fabric!)

Ms. Ella's Bucket, onesie's and Tutu's for the Baby Shower!

And of course some hair bows for all the girlie's! ( I guess I need to start perfecting my crocheting so that I can make beanies for the boys!)

There are other little projects that I have been working on and will take pics and post them as soon as they are finished! Who knew that this could be so therapeutic for me :) So if anyone has an idea of something they would like for me to make for them.. just email me and I will get to work on it!

Weekend with the Girls....

And in other news... I had my two best girlfriends get away from T town this weekend to come stay with me! OH and they brought Ms. Harlan! We had so much fun doing absolutely nothing! I couldn't have asked for a better or more relaxing weekend! Thank you girls for making me smile all weekend long! Well maybe I should thank this cutie pie because she was certainly the center of attention for all of us this weekend!

How gorgeous is she!!!

And finally, how can I forget this lovable face! He spent the weekend at Mama Me's since we had company and was thoroughly tuckered out when he came home!

But at least he livened up just enough to move to his new DOG BED! Yep, my girlfriends brought down his beautiful new dog bed that their mom made for him! She owns Grande Hooch and the items are absolutely to die for! Needless to say, Rufus will soon be needing another bed for downstairs! How can I even compare the old brown boring dog bed he did have to this!

What an ending to a perfect weekend! Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Football Time and Smiling Faces

Last night was football practice for Justin, so I tagged along and was so happy that I did! Last nights practice was with full pads! All I can say is it was Absolutely HILARIOUS! If you have not had the pleasure to witness little 4,5, and 6 year old boys learning how to "hit" each other with full pads, I fully recommend you seek a team out and watch! I think I might have laughed 2 lbs off!

When the coaches made the boys go one on one against each other and try to tackle the boy the carrying the football, chaos, was the only thing that could occur. This is what I witnessed...
  • Boys avoiding being hit by running around the coaches, parents, etc.... instead of running straight through like they were suppose to.
  • Boys looking at each other and instead of tackling they decided it was better to "Hug It Out"
  • The playground looking alot more exciting than practice, therefore, when no one was watching, they headed for the swings.
  • Some boys thinking that if you yell as loud as you can that somehow you might tackle the other boy without even touching him.
  • Boys to scared to even touch the other boy that tears would flow upon first word that it was there turn to tackle.

Oh the goodness of football is all I can say! Such a great evening watching the little munchkins! (And of course because I got to watch Justin interacting with all kiddos and loving every minute of it. He's going to be such a great dad some day!)

And on another note... while the boys were out practicing... Miss Brinleigh was very interested in my camera so I got some really good pics of her! (But don't think she wasn't interested in the boys.. the whole time she was yelling at all of them.. I think she might just be boy crazy already! Watch out Brian, she is going to be a handful!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MckLinky Blog Hop - Favorite Photo

This week I am participating in MckLinky's Blog Hop.. Favorite Photo . The picture below is of Justin and Rufus a couple of weeks after I surprised Justin with "The Guf" for his 25th Birthday! I have never seen someone soooooo in awe of their little puppy!

I took this picture when we were leaving the park after a fun filled afternoon of letting Rufus run wild! (OK, so he didn't really run wild since he was only about 10 weeks at this point!)


The photo below is one that I took of Rufus one day while we were playing outside. Rufus absolutely LOVES this ball and will spend hours upon hours chewing, tugging, hitting and chasing it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three Point Stance on Life

Last night was officially the first practice of the season. One by one all the little boys showed up.. some scared, some excited, some nervous, some smiling, and well some were just doing things that we really couldn't figure out.

The coaches herded the little men out onto the field after helmets were securely fastened (well most of them at least). The warm up drills started... jumping jacks were first (well some kids looked like they were just jumping rather than doing jacks) then push ups (I think we can now refer to these as the worm... since that is what the little bodies looked like in their attempts of push ups) and next well I am not sure what you call it.. but I know they were lying on their backs with their legs in the air, frantically kicking for a few minutes, then it slowed and you just had boys lying on their backs (while I presume they were still suppose to have their feet in the air).

All while the warm ups are going on, you start to see the challenges that will face these coaches through the season......

The one little boy who is squatted down throughout the warm up, almost in a fetal position, not participating

The little boy picking weeds or grass and throwing it in the air to see how far it will travel

All the little boys having to "go number one" every two seconds

The little boy who pulls the the little girls hair while running and then pushes her down (Yes, we do have a little girl on the team.. and I think she can out run those pesky little boys)

Yep that is what I saw while sitting and observing our first official practice. Then I look around at the spectators or I guess I could call them parents and I can't help but feel a little bit out of place..... I mean, I am the only one there without a little one (and not mention that half the moms look way younger than me)

So why are we out there... Why did Justin agree to coach a team that we have don't have a direct interest in? Why am I almost 30 and not married and without children? Shouldn't I be one of those moms sitting on the sidelines with a little man out there learning down set hut and the three point stance? So after I almost panic for a second thinking that I am way behind the game of mommy hood.. I realize something.......

I am not married because I chose not be married at an early age. I do not have kids because I chose not to have them right now. Instead, throughout my 20's I enjoyed vacationing in Hawaii for a couple of weeks, traveling to the Hampton's and Naples to visit friends, going to NYC and watching Broadway shows and shopping, watching cubs games at Wrigley Field, listening to the ocean in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, spending many days sitting on the beach in Mexico sipping margaritas, driving through wine country and tasting amazing wines, and most of all I enjoyed my freedom to do anything and everything that I wanted to do! I experienced life and took full advantage of every opportunity that was given to me!

So can the spectators (parents) sitting, watching their boys learn the three point stance, say that much? Have they been able to experience all the wonderful things that I have? Most likely the answer is probably not but you never know. So even though I may look at them in envy because they have that precious little human being learning their three point stance... they may feel the same about me... either way, its the paths that we have chose and I think that when I do get to join the mommy club, it will be that much more special to me. So for right now, I will just enjoy being Tata.. the one who is always there cheering the little ones on, the one who makes tutu's for birthday parties, the one who loves all her "nieces and nephews" and spoils them rotten. The one who sits on the sidelines of a football practice cheering with all the spectators watching and admiring her boyfriend help a little boy put on his shoe, fix a helmet, or do a jumping jack.... because one day soon, hopefully I will be out there cheering for my very own little man learning his three point stance!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Good Book

I LOVE to read... especially in summer while floating on a raft in the pool! Well this weekend, I did just that on Sunday afternoon and finished Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah! If you have not read this, I think it's definitely a MUST read for the summer! All about two girls growing up, the challenges and obstacles that they face throughout life, and how even two best friends have their ups and downs! I seriously could not put this one down! So if you are looking for a very intriguing and easy read, this is the book!

Does anyone else have a great summer time read that they would recommend????


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