Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sewing and more Sewing!

Last night I finished up a couple of onesies that I am making for a girlfriends who is expecting a little boy in the next couple of months! We are all so excited that we will finally add a little "boy" into the mix of all of us girls and I am super excited that I now have a little man to make clothes for!

And my favorite part of last night..... Justin surprised me and started working on sanding down a desk that was given to us by my aunt so that I could use it to do all my arts and crafts projects on! WOOOHOOO! I may finally have an area to use other than the kitchen table in a couple of weeks! The only hang up with the project as of right now, is that Justin is trying to convince me that a dark brown stain would look great in my "Crafts" room... however I am trying to make him understand that I would much rather have something bright and cheerful to work on! So I am fighting to have it painted white! I will keep everyone updated on the outcome...(and just a hint.. but I usually win on stuff like this!)

Stay tuned for before and after pics of the desk...

Have a great Wednesday!

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