Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mothers Day = Special Gifts

Mother's Day is quickly approaching
and if you are trying to think of something unique and fun to give that special mom in your life
what about one of these!

Personalize it any way you would like!
Maybe you want it to say

"I love MEME" or "I love G-MA"

Or maybe you just want one for yourself that says "I love MOM" :)

So just be thinking...
that this might be a fun gift that any mom, grandma, aunt, sister would love!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

My Favorites Angel Onesies!

Just had to share these pics because I LOVE the Angel Onesies!
So if you are thinking of a fun shower gift for a little girl.. I definitely recommend one of these!
And it is completely customizable!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In NYC during the Draft = Pretty Cool!

Just had to share that I lucked out and get to be in NYC tonight (Manhattan) when the 1st round of the NFL draft is going on!
I asked if we could go stake out the location and wait to see all the players come out.. but no one else is on board for some reason :)
Anywho.. hopefully we will be lucky and get to see some of the guys walking around because you never know who you might run into in NYC!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guess Who's Turning 24!!!!

Well, one of the coolest people that I know is turning another year older tomorrow!
And it just happens to be this guy!

Doesn't he just look like a cool dude!
At least Pete the wonder dog thinks so!

I personally think he is pretty fantastic!
Probably the best little bro someone could ever ask for!
I mean really doesn't every one want a little brother that shaves his head and has a full man chu!

He not only is always stylin..
(see above pics for reference of his great taste in clothing and facial hair)
but he's a pretty cool dude!

And for turning 24.. he still love his family and enjoys all the family time that he can get!
Even if it is with his crazy sis that makes him smile for the camera bright and early on Christmas Morning!

He is one guy that truly has a heart of gold and truly amazes me every day when I see the accomplishments that he makes!

And one day I look forward to seeing him with his own kiddos, because he will be a wonderful father and husband to that special girl that catches him one day!

So Tad, I want to say Happy Birthday!
You are one cool dude and I am so thankful to call you my bro!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow and I am sorry that I have to miss moms good ole chicken fried steak birthday dinner... and any of the fun activities she has planned for your birthday!

Happy Birthday Old Man!
And remember turning 24 is nothing compared to what I have to turn this year!

Love ya,

Sometimes Pics are Better Than Words

Monday, April 19, 2010

Loving the Tanks for Summer

Sneak Peak at 4th of July Outfits!

Birthday Outfits!

Here are a couple of new birthday outfits that I just finished!
The pics do not do them justice!
They are even more precious in person.. especially the pink and brown skull onesie!
It is to die for when you see it up close!

This is one of my all time favorites for birthday girls!
You can add a zebra bow to the tutu or individual strips of zebra ribbon to make it even more fun!
( I just ran out of time before i could get a pic of it with the zebra ribbon!)

OH and dont forget I have matching zebra shoes to match this outfit!

Jenni's New Outfits

A customer of mine adopted a little baby girl, Jenni, about 4 months ago and I have had the pleasure of making a bunch of fun outfits for her!

Here are just a couple that I finished this last week!

I must say her mom has amazing taste and always comes up with the best ideas for outfits!

I can't wait to make even more for this precious little girl!

New OU outfit

I just finished this adorable new OU outfit for a friends little girls birthday party in a couple of weeks!
I know that she is going to love it and I have to admit.. it did turn out pretty cute for something that says OU!

On my Way to NYC

Man has it really been over a week since my last posts?
Geez, I am really getting behind on posts :)
I guess I can blame it this time on trying to get ready for my NYC trip this week and trying to prepare for my upcoming craft show this Saturday!
Nothing like getting home at midnight on Friday and having to be up at 4 am on Saturday to get everything loaded and to Guthrie by 7 am :)

So if anyone is going to be out and about on Saturday..
stop by the Pollard Inn in Guthrie from 9 - 5!
Lots of vendors will be set up and it should be a fun time all around!

Now back to what I am trying to do today.. and that is get everything ready to leave at 5 am tomorrow morning!
Really, I have to be at the airport at 5am.. seriously, can my job please stop booking these early flights and just have us leave a day earlier.. that would make me alot happier! Plus I would not be deprived on my sleep!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and stay tuned for lots of updates and new shirt posts today and tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Vacation Time!

So for those of you that know me.... know that I have a GREAT job where I get to travel to lots of fun places!

Well this year there are a bunch of fun places scheduled for our audits like
NYC, Seattle, Guam, Alaska, and Michigan to name a few!

Now everyone knows that I am in love with NYC and the shopping and broadway shows but since I went to NYC last year, I decided this year I needed to do something different.

At first I thought I should take a vacation to Guam.. but then I realized that the flight/trip was like a total of 26 hours.. so I nixed that one really quick!

So the next choice was Alaska! And guess what...
I booked the ticketstoday!
I am heading to Alaska at the end of May for a mini vacation!

I am actually heading there to audit the Anchorage Relay for Life but I just couldn't resist staying an extra couple of days :)

OH how I love my job and the great benefits that come with it :)
So if anyone knows of any fun things to do in Anchorage.. please let me know because I am Anchorage bound!

Boston Reed's First Photo Shoot!

One of my best friends Nikki had her little boy Boston's first photo shoot a couple of weeks ago at her house and I just had to share some of the photos!

The photographer is absolutely AMAZING!
She has done all of Harlan's pics (Nikki's niece) and one of our pledge sisters uses her all the time for pics of her little boys!


I have to say that I am definitely booking this amazing lady for my engagement pics, wedding pics and of course baby pics one day!

So I hope you enjoy a sneak peak of Boston's first photo shoot!
(I did steal these from the website.. but I just couldn't resist sharing them with everyone)

I love him to pieces all ready!
Now if only I could get those two crazy friends of mine up in Tulsa to move to OKC so I could play with their kiddos all the time, I would be much more happy :)

So Twins if you are reading this...
I promise to not dress you alike in matching bows and dresses for my wedding if you pack up and move to OKC!
Just saying.. I think that is a pretty fair trade off!

Two Handsome Little Men

Just a couple of pics I wanted to share of a friends kiddos in their Tater Tots and Fire Hoses t shirts on Easter!

Sporting the Tie shirt!

Max sporting his "M" initial shirt!

Thanks for sharing Jennifer! I love the pics!

Cutest Little Easter Egg I ever Did See

Lainey wearing her Easter Onesie and matching headband/bow on Easter Sunday!

I finally got to meet this precious little girl when her mom, grandma, and aunt all came over on Saturday to do some shopping!
( See Justin, my craft/show room is getting put to great use! )

She is truly adorable and I can't wait to make some more fun items for her in the future!
Thanks Breanna for bringing her over to visit and I can't wait to come play with her again soon!

P.S. Don't you all just LOVE the pic that her mom took! I definitely think I am hiring her as my photographer or creative designer! :)

Two precious Kiddos -Merritt and Morgandy

So last week I was delighted that I got to pick up my two favorite little girls from "school" and watch them until their mom got home from her business trip!

It was definitely some great "Girl" time for the three of us and as usual I made sure Merritt was looking her very best when her mommy came home!

Polka dot bikini top and all!

We had to add the leggings and take off the shorts when we went outside to play on the driveway! Nothing like a little one in their bikini top, diaper and baby legs!

And YES, I am available to babysit anytime someone needs me! Just be pre warned that your child might have a very "entertaining" outfit on when you return!

But I do have to share a funny fact!
11 year old Morgandy had to teach me how to put the car seat in the car and how to make a bottle!
Really.. I think I was the kid in the whole situation and Momo was the mom (Ha!)
At least I have that precious little 11 year old to teach me all this before I become a mom one day :)

And now to leave you with a pic of the sisters hanging out with Aunt Tata!

Kensley is a Rock Star in her Tater Tots Onesie

Kensley making her blog debut in her Rock Star onesie and matching baby legs!

Geez! Seeing a cutie such as this makes me really start wanting one.. I guess I better tell Justin he needs to get moving with this whole engagement/marriage thing!

Because according to my little Morgandy -
"First comes love, then comes marriage then comes a baby in the baby carriage!"
And yes, she tells me it has to be in that order!
Oh how I love that little girl!

(*NOTE - my 30th birthday is in a little over a month so I am keeping my fingers crossed that he might consider a ring as a birthday present! Sorry just had to throw that in there in case he ever decides to read my blog! )

A Rock Star Little Boy

Want to know what will make your little boy one pretty cool dude! This new little onesie and matching beanie that I just finished!

I have done a couple of these for gifts and they are such a big hit!
Stay tuned for more pics of different color schemes, etc!

Fun New Tank Tops

Life has been crazy lately and I have not been able to update my blog... so be prepared for a bunch of posts today and tomorrow!

What have I been up to?
Well that would be making some fun tanks for the summer, making plenty of tutu's and skirts and of course some fun headbands, bows and clips!

Here is one of the new tanks that I have been working on!
it's not quite finished because it still needs some BLING and I am even thinking of putting some fun flower pins on it to spice it up! But I definitely say this one screams SUMMER all over it! And even better I found these awesome little pettiskirts to match!

Just think how cute your little one will be in this tank, pettiskirt and of course a fun hair accessory!
Layer it with some fun tights and you got one stylish little kiddo!

The finished pic will be posted soon and I think I have even obtained some cute little models to do a photo shoot with me to model all my new summer items :)


And this tank is not finished at all and the pic does not do it justice but I had to give a sneak peak of the cute ice cream cone that I have been working on!

Now this tank really makes me excited for summer and ice cream cones and of course SNOW CONES!

Hope everyone has a great day and keep watching for more items to be posted today!


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