Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed In = Orders Finished

Snowed In during the "Winter Storm"


Oklahoma has seriously had some crazy weather lately! One day it's 60 degrees and sunny and the next day everyone is rushing to Walmart to stock up on groceries for the HUGE ice/snow storm that is about to hit!

Now I personally will not complain about the snow storm because I LOVED it. It gave me a reason to stay inside and get all my orders caught up and to actually get some new designs made!

But really I just LOVE the snow! I love the crispness of the air

I love the way all light reflects off of it at night

and I love the quietness that encompasses it.

I also love the fact that Rufus loves the snow just as much as I do :).

My house during the "Winter Storm"

And the aftermath of the storm! You can't really see it but there are 2 inches of ice on my car! It took us nearly 4 hours to get my car dethawed!

And in case you didn't know, Oklahoma seems to shut down completely when we see more than 1 inch of snow or any sight of ice! Yep, all stores were closed :(

And of course Rufus loved having Sadie come play with him! Here he is doing what he does best... watching patiently as Sadie chews on his bone, just waiting for the minute he can snatch it from her!

Ahh the greatness of an Oklahoma Storm!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rockin the Zebra 1st Birthday Outfit!

Here is a little cutie sporting her 1st Birthday outfit I made her! Including the zebra flower and zebra shoes!

Yep, she wins the award for the "most fashionable" on a 1st Birthday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Hotties!

I asked a friend of mine the other day if she wouldn't mind trying on some of my shirts on her boys so I could hopefully figure out the sizing on them and she just sent me the pics below!
So she not only got her two boys in on the fun, she got her nephew in as well
Here is Talan, Anderson and Easton making their blog debut!

Anderson sporting the rock star shirt!

Probably my favorite pic of all time! I love Easton's expression in this. It just simply makes me smile!

Here is Talan (the nephew) sporting a tie shirt! How cute is his little smile!

Man, after looking at these pics, I am starting to wish I had little girl right now.
I mean there are three handsome bachelors right here that I could fix her up with.
Ok, well maybe not fix her up with them right now because we all know that no one wants their little girl dating until they are at least 30!
So maybe I could just go ahead and do the arranged marriage instead :)
Thank you Krista for taking time and doing this for me! It helps me out alot and i got some really cute pics of the boys, which is even better!

Big Sis shirt

I just finished this shirt and thought I would share!


I also just finished a couple of orders but totally forgot to take pics of them before I packaged and shipped them.
So Lesley and Tiffany, I am sooo sorry that I can't post the pics of your onesies/shirts. If you want to send in some photos of your little one wearing them, I would be delighted to post the pics on my blog! :)
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Craft Room = Finished!

It's finally done! I am soooo excited! Yesterday Iput up the final item in the craft room... the huge peg board to hold all my finished shirts!
I was a little worried that it would not look good once up, but I was totally wrong and just thrilled when I saw it on the wall.
It's perfect and it holds all my shirts so that anyone who comes over can actually look and see the different designs I have made.

Here are a few pics of the peg board!
(Please excuse the messy room, I was trying to get orders packaged, finish some shirts, etc!)

So now that we have the pegboard up all I have left to do is decorate! Which means I still need to put up the chandelier wall decal I bought, get a dry erase board/chalkboard to put up so I can track current orders coming in, get new curtains and then possibly some shelves!
But really all those items are just fun "accessories" that I think will add some fun to the room!
Ahhh it's so refreshing to see how far this little hobby has come along.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cutie Pie Sloane!

I am sooo bad! I was sent these pics from one of my bestest friends awhile ago and either I just forgot to download them or I never realized they were attached or I just never read the email. (And yes, with my crazy busy life that is certainly a possibility these days.)
Anyway with that being said her is Ms. Sloane!

And yes she is wearing her OSU shirt I made her last year :)

Is she not a doll!

I just LOVE getting pics of all my close girlfriends little kiddos.

I love seeing them grow and how they start looking like their mommy or their daddy.

It's just precious.

Sloane's mommy (Whitney) and I have been friends since college, she's a sorority sister, a good friend and well probably one of the best college roommates I could have had!

Now if anyone knows Whitney, knows that she was a HUGE sleeper in college but somehow always made it to class, she took her duty as the outpost manager very seriously, (Ha!) she was always in a good mood and ALWAYS up for doing something fun!

I could just sit and ramble on about the craziness that occured while we lived together our senior year in the sorority house. Lets see most memorable...

Whip Cream Bikini's during Finals week

(it's not nearly as bad as it sounds, I promise!)

Ahhh just thinking of all the fun times we had in college and even during the ten years after college... just brings a smile to my face!

Whit Dawg you are such a great person, friend, mom, wife and yes whip cream wearing partner in crime! :)

I miss you bunches and can't wait to hang out soon!

Oh and here is one of the fun pics that I have of Whit Dawg and I with the rest of our Pi Beta's at one of our reunion weekends!
(Whit Dawg is in the blue shirt and the one with the green bandanna on :) )

Love ya Lots Whit and Ms. Sloane!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cool New Shirts just finished!

Just wanted to share a couple of shirts/onesies that I just finished!

Guitar Onesie

Maternity Tank Top

Cross for a little one to wear to a homecoming game! The colors match the school colors :)

Pink Cross for a baby shower gift :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Fun

Friday night was my cousin's Brandi's engagement party and it was soooo much fun! Of course my aunts out did thierselves once again with all the amazing food, decor and entertainment! Here are a few pics of the nights festivities!

All my cousins and aunts! And yep, two of the cousins are pregnant! WOOHOO! Such an exciting year for our family with weddings and babies! (HMMMM.. I guess I better find something to celebrate since I am the only one without an occasion this year!)

And of course the Pink Ladies made an apperance! I am starting to think that they are going to hit the road soon with thier act!
NOTE: The Pink Ladies (aka the four women in the bride outfits) are good friends of the family and just recently sang "60 candles" at my aunts birthday party! They were decked out in full sixties attire and put on such a great performance! However, they really outdid thierselves when they came out at the engagement party and suprised Brandi and Chris by singing "Going to the Chapel". And yes they were decked out for the occasion!

Such a great surprise for the bride and groom! I have already "reserved" them to perform in Napa Valley if I ever decide to run away and get hitched :)

The happy couple and The Pink Ladies!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentine Orders - Last Day to Place an Order

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up!

If you are wanting to place a Valentines order or any order that you will need before February 14, please try to place the order by January 25 or the 28th at the latest.

I am going to be out of town for work (My full time job) the week of February 8-12 and need to ensure that all my orders are finished before then so I can get them in the mail before I leave!

Sorry the deadline is a little earlier than I usually set, but it is audit season for me and that means I will be traveling at least once a month!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thanks again for every ones support and business!

Thanks! Tatum

Big News!

I know I have been talking about doing it forever and well it's just taken me a little bit longer than expected. That being said, this week I finally buckled down and drum roll please......

I set up my Pay Pal account and my ETSY shop!
Yep, you heard right. I finally made my policies, shipping requirements, profile, etc. for my Etsy shop and even listed one item for sale! But I quickly made the listing inactive due to my pay pal account having to wait for verification. I didn't think it would be good if I actually got a sale and my pay pal account isn't even activated :)
So I guess I might go ahead and say that there might be a few changes to how I sell on my blog! Pay Pal will now allow me to send anyone who has ordered items an invoice via email where they can select to pay with either a pay pal account or a debit card or a credit card! Which I believe will make alot of customers very happy! (I know sending a check is a pain and I apologize for just now getting all this set up)
Anyway, I am very excited for my new venture on ETSY... and I will even admit I am SCARED to death of it too! I guess I just need to become familiar with the site and how the whole process works when I am the one making the sale and not the one purchasing something :)
So if everyone could just say a quick prayer that this new journey is an easy transition/good decision for me, I would greatly appreciate it!
And you may ask why I am a little scared of selling "online", well let me explain.....
Mainly it is because I have come to realize that while I work a full time job my little fun side business has actually started to flourish and is becoming almost a full time second job!
Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE that this is happening and it's something that I have prayed for, but sometimes I do get stressed out a bit. When I realize that I have numerous orders to make and a new audit program to develop (remember that I am a nerdy Internal Auditor) I get a little bit overwhelmed. Because first and for most my full time day job pays for my wonderful little side business!
So for right now I have to endure the long days, long nights and sometimes stuck in my sewing room weekends, in order to hopefully one day be able to be a stay at home mommy with my kiddos! Yep, that is the goal that I have set for myself and now I just hope that all this hard work will allow me to obtain it!
So after reading all this, I ask everyone to please be patient with me when ordering. I try my best to accommodate all requests to have the items by a certain date and truthfully I think I have always been able to do so, so far. (knock on wood)
I just want everyone to know that I am working as fast as I can and if your item takes a little bit longer to make, I promise I am working whenever possible and it will be finished as soon as it can be :)
Now with all that being said, please view my ETSY shop here!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bootcamp... the word terrifies me!

So I finally took the plunge (Thanks to Nicole) and went to try out a bootcamp last night. And you know what.. I think I enjoyed it! And yes, the soreness is setting in today.

So why start bootcamp you might ask?
Well for someone who in my previous life (aka.. about a 1 1/2 years ago) use to lift weights daily and running was just like second nature to me, you can imagine how out of shape I have got when I quit basically both. Yep you guessed it, it would be the 30 lbs that I have put on. I try to attribute the weight gain to happiness and enjoying all the wonderfully unhealthily meals with Justin but in truth it's because I just don't work out like I use to (but don't get me wrong, the eating Mexican three times a week is still a major contributor).

So needless to say I was extremely excited when I saw that Nicole was trying to find a bootcamp! I immediately told her to count me it... because hey, we all know it's better to have an accountability partner :)

And do you want to know what is even better...I have been working out with my mom at 5 am at the gym about 3 times a week. Now these "workouts" might just be walking on the treadmill but hey it's a start!

So needless to say I am trying my hardest to kick these 30 lbs goodbye! Because you never know when I might be needing to fit into a wedding dress :)

Click here to see the bootcamp that Nicole and I are attending!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Little ones that make you smile!

This is a fellow blogger's little girl who is just precious! If you have some time you definitely have to stop by Corina's page and read about her precious family and her amazing faith! Thanks Corina for sharing this pic with me :)

What is it about kids laughing that seems to allow you to forgot all your worries and pretend like you don't have a care in the world! I think this picture does just that!

And finally I know I have said it before but every little girl needs a tutu! And truthfully they need one to wear each day! But that is just my personal opinion :)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


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