Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Fun

Friday night was my cousin's Brandi's engagement party and it was soooo much fun! Of course my aunts out did thierselves once again with all the amazing food, decor and entertainment! Here are a few pics of the nights festivities!

All my cousins and aunts! And yep, two of the cousins are pregnant! WOOHOO! Such an exciting year for our family with weddings and babies! (HMMMM.. I guess I better find something to celebrate since I am the only one without an occasion this year!)

And of course the Pink Ladies made an apperance! I am starting to think that they are going to hit the road soon with thier act!
NOTE: The Pink Ladies (aka the four women in the bride outfits) are good friends of the family and just recently sang "60 candles" at my aunts birthday party! They were decked out in full sixties attire and put on such a great performance! However, they really outdid thierselves when they came out at the engagement party and suprised Brandi and Chris by singing "Going to the Chapel". And yes they were decked out for the occasion!

Such a great surprise for the bride and groom! I have already "reserved" them to perform in Napa Valley if I ever decide to run away and get hitched :)

The happy couple and The Pink Ladies!

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