Friday, January 22, 2010

Cutie Pie Sloane!

I am sooo bad! I was sent these pics from one of my bestest friends awhile ago and either I just forgot to download them or I never realized they were attached or I just never read the email. (And yes, with my crazy busy life that is certainly a possibility these days.)
Anyway with that being said her is Ms. Sloane!

And yes she is wearing her OSU shirt I made her last year :)

Is she not a doll!

I just LOVE getting pics of all my close girlfriends little kiddos.

I love seeing them grow and how they start looking like their mommy or their daddy.

It's just precious.

Sloane's mommy (Whitney) and I have been friends since college, she's a sorority sister, a good friend and well probably one of the best college roommates I could have had!

Now if anyone knows Whitney, knows that she was a HUGE sleeper in college but somehow always made it to class, she took her duty as the outpost manager very seriously, (Ha!) she was always in a good mood and ALWAYS up for doing something fun!

I could just sit and ramble on about the craziness that occured while we lived together our senior year in the sorority house. Lets see most memorable...

Whip Cream Bikini's during Finals week

(it's not nearly as bad as it sounds, I promise!)

Ahhh just thinking of all the fun times we had in college and even during the ten years after college... just brings a smile to my face!

Whit Dawg you are such a great person, friend, mom, wife and yes whip cream wearing partner in crime! :)

I miss you bunches and can't wait to hang out soon!

Oh and here is one of the fun pics that I have of Whit Dawg and I with the rest of our Pi Beta's at one of our reunion weekends!
(Whit Dawg is in the blue shirt and the one with the green bandanna on :) )

Love ya Lots Whit and Ms. Sloane!

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  1. Sloane has made her debut on your blog! And,Oh my gosh, I just about fell out of my chair with the rest!!! Oh how I just love memory lane!! I miss you to pieces!!!




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