Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bootcamp... the word terrifies me!

So I finally took the plunge (Thanks to Nicole) and went to try out a bootcamp last night. And you know what.. I think I enjoyed it! And yes, the soreness is setting in today.

So why start bootcamp you might ask?
Well for someone who in my previous life (aka.. about a 1 1/2 years ago) use to lift weights daily and running was just like second nature to me, you can imagine how out of shape I have got when I quit basically both. Yep you guessed it, it would be the 30 lbs that I have put on. I try to attribute the weight gain to happiness and enjoying all the wonderfully unhealthily meals with Justin but in truth it's because I just don't work out like I use to (but don't get me wrong, the eating Mexican three times a week is still a major contributor).

So needless to say I was extremely excited when I saw that Nicole was trying to find a bootcamp! I immediately told her to count me it... because hey, we all know it's better to have an accountability partner :)

And do you want to know what is even better...I have been working out with my mom at 5 am at the gym about 3 times a week. Now these "workouts" might just be walking on the treadmill but hey it's a start!

So needless to say I am trying my hardest to kick these 30 lbs goodbye! Because you never know when I might be needing to fit into a wedding dress :)

Click here to see the bootcamp that Nicole and I are attending!

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