Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Hotties!

I asked a friend of mine the other day if she wouldn't mind trying on some of my shirts on her boys so I could hopefully figure out the sizing on them and she just sent me the pics below!
So she not only got her two boys in on the fun, she got her nephew in as well
Here is Talan, Anderson and Easton making their blog debut!

Anderson sporting the rock star shirt!

Probably my favorite pic of all time! I love Easton's expression in this. It just simply makes me smile!

Here is Talan (the nephew) sporting a tie shirt! How cute is his little smile!

Man, after looking at these pics, I am starting to wish I had little girl right now.
I mean there are three handsome bachelors right here that I could fix her up with.
Ok, well maybe not fix her up with them right now because we all know that no one wants their little girl dating until they are at least 30!
So maybe I could just go ahead and do the arranged marriage instead :)
Thank you Krista for taking time and doing this for me! It helps me out alot and i got some really cute pics of the boys, which is even better!

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