Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed In during the "Winter Storm"


Oklahoma has seriously had some crazy weather lately! One day it's 60 degrees and sunny and the next day everyone is rushing to Walmart to stock up on groceries for the HUGE ice/snow storm that is about to hit!

Now I personally will not complain about the snow storm because I LOVED it. It gave me a reason to stay inside and get all my orders caught up and to actually get some new designs made!

But really I just LOVE the snow! I love the crispness of the air

I love the way all light reflects off of it at night

and I love the quietness that encompasses it.

I also love the fact that Rufus loves the snow just as much as I do :).

My house during the "Winter Storm"

And the aftermath of the storm! You can't really see it but there are 2 inches of ice on my car! It took us nearly 4 hours to get my car dethawed!

And in case you didn't know, Oklahoma seems to shut down completely when we see more than 1 inch of snow or any sight of ice! Yep, all stores were closed :(

And of course Rufus loved having Sadie come play with him! Here he is doing what he does best... watching patiently as Sadie chews on his bone, just waiting for the minute he can snatch it from her!

Ahh the greatness of an Oklahoma Storm!

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