Friday, January 1, 2010

The redo of the craft room has started!

So early this morning I started moving all my sewing stuff out of the "spare bedroom" in order to turn the room into my totally redone CRAFT ROOM! As I started moving all the stuff out, I realized that I never took a pic of it before.. so here is a pic after I had moved about 200 onesies/shirts out of the room that were scattered all over the floor, on the bed, etc.! So just look at this pic and think 100 times worse for the before photo!

I worked all day putting together organizational units, moving all the stuff out of the room and moving out the bed! Yep, I finally gave in and decided that the room would be much better if I took out our spare bed. So it is now sitting in the garage ready for a new temporary home (only until we get a bigger house one day :) )

But you know what the worst thing is, after working all day I fell like I got nothing accomplished as far as actual "organizing"!

But tomorrow is a new day and come bright and early brother is coming over to take me to Lowes to buy me a couple of closets and then he is putting them together for me, hanging my peg board, and hanging my embellishment center! I am super excited to get all this done .. but man it is taking ALOT of work!

Here is a pic of the room after I took everything out and after a couple of units were put together!

Huge Difference already! So stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings!

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