Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Craft Room Update

Since starting my fun project last Friday... its finally starting to come along and look like a new room!
I am not completely finished yet but here is what it looks like as of last night!
I am also in the process of ordering some fun vinyl letters/sayings for the room on etsy and then tonight (cross my fingers) we are putting up the peg board that will be the entire length of the back wall! I will then be able to display all my finished shirts, pants, etc on there!
Here is a pic of what it looks like when you enter the room
(I am ordering new curtains too... so the red is out and the fun pink and greens will be in)
Here is the wall with all my organization stuff! Closets for material and shirts, ribbon holders, embellishment holders, etc! And my bow holder in the corner :)

The clothes rack will be gone once the pegboard is up and I am not sure yet what will be in this corner... possibly more organizational tools or my sewing machine area ??

Another pic of the storage/show wall :) I am loving this room so far!

WOOHOOO I am almost ready to start sewing again because I can finally find all the materials that I need! (Thanks to the storage closets with extra shelves.. I can even see how many shirts I have in stock and how much material I have on hand! Life sure is wonderful when you have organization!)

Hope everyone is having a great week and stay tuned for hopefully more pics of the finished product to come shortly!


  1. Everything looks wonderful Tatum! I look forward to seeing pics of what you have in store for Valentine's Day!

  2. I love....
    the new blog updates & the craft room!




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