Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Craft Room = Finished!

It's finally done! I am soooo excited! Yesterday Iput up the final item in the craft room... the huge peg board to hold all my finished shirts!
I was a little worried that it would not look good once up, but I was totally wrong and just thrilled when I saw it on the wall.
It's perfect and it holds all my shirts so that anyone who comes over can actually look and see the different designs I have made.

Here are a few pics of the peg board!
(Please excuse the messy room, I was trying to get orders packaged, finish some shirts, etc!)

So now that we have the pegboard up all I have left to do is decorate! Which means I still need to put up the chandelier wall decal I bought, get a dry erase board/chalkboard to put up so I can track current orders coming in, get new curtains and then possibly some shelves!
But really all those items are just fun "accessories" that I think will add some fun to the room!
Ahhh it's so refreshing to see how far this little hobby has come along.

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