Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two precious Kiddos -Merritt and Morgandy

So last week I was delighted that I got to pick up my two favorite little girls from "school" and watch them until their mom got home from her business trip!

It was definitely some great "Girl" time for the three of us and as usual I made sure Merritt was looking her very best when her mommy came home!

Polka dot bikini top and all!

We had to add the leggings and take off the shorts when we went outside to play on the driveway! Nothing like a little one in their bikini top, diaper and baby legs!

And YES, I am available to babysit anytime someone needs me! Just be pre warned that your child might have a very "entertaining" outfit on when you return!

But I do have to share a funny fact!
11 year old Morgandy had to teach me how to put the car seat in the car and how to make a bottle!
Really.. I think I was the kid in the whole situation and Momo was the mom (Ha!)
At least I have that precious little 11 year old to teach me all this before I become a mom one day :)

And now to leave you with a pic of the sisters hanging out with Aunt Tata!

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