Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guess Who's Turning 24!!!!

Well, one of the coolest people that I know is turning another year older tomorrow!
And it just happens to be this guy!

Doesn't he just look like a cool dude!
At least Pete the wonder dog thinks so!

I personally think he is pretty fantastic!
Probably the best little bro someone could ever ask for!
I mean really doesn't every one want a little brother that shaves his head and has a full man chu!

He not only is always stylin..
(see above pics for reference of his great taste in clothing and facial hair)
but he's a pretty cool dude!

And for turning 24.. he still love his family and enjoys all the family time that he can get!
Even if it is with his crazy sis that makes him smile for the camera bright and early on Christmas Morning!

He is one guy that truly has a heart of gold and truly amazes me every day when I see the accomplishments that he makes!

And one day I look forward to seeing him with his own kiddos, because he will be a wonderful father and husband to that special girl that catches him one day!

So Tad, I want to say Happy Birthday!
You are one cool dude and I am so thankful to call you my bro!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow and I am sorry that I have to miss moms good ole chicken fried steak birthday dinner... and any of the fun activities she has planned for your birthday!

Happy Birthday Old Man!
And remember turning 24 is nothing compared to what I have to turn this year!

Love ya,

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