Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boston Reed's First Photo Shoot!

One of my best friends Nikki had her little boy Boston's first photo shoot a couple of weeks ago at her house and I just had to share some of the photos!

The photographer is absolutely AMAZING!
She has done all of Harlan's pics (Nikki's niece) and one of our pledge sisters uses her all the time for pics of her little boys!


I have to say that I am definitely booking this amazing lady for my engagement pics, wedding pics and of course baby pics one day!

So I hope you enjoy a sneak peak of Boston's first photo shoot!
(I did steal these from the website.. but I just couldn't resist sharing them with everyone)

I love him to pieces all ready!
Now if only I could get those two crazy friends of mine up in Tulsa to move to OKC so I could play with their kiddos all the time, I would be much more happy :)

So Twins if you are reading this...
I promise to not dress you alike in matching bows and dresses for my wedding if you pack up and move to OKC!
Just saying.. I think that is a pretty fair trade off!

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