Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Harley, Sewing, Harlan, OH MY!

Oh my, I think it's been awhile since my last post! I guess that is what you get when you get super busy! What have we been up to...

Well for starters Justin has been stalking the Harley Davidson store for about 3 or 4 months now and I finally gave in and went to look at one with him! Here is the one that he is DYING to have

2010 Fat Boy Lo

My thoughts on this.... UHHH we do not need a motorcycle right now but since I know that he wants a motorcycle sooo badly, I told him I would think about it in November or even maybe next year or maybe when I have a ring on my finger! Since we first agree that he could get a bike as long as I had a ring on my finger first! So I am standing my ground .... I think it's only fair! (On a side note, I do want to apologize to all the sales people at Fort Thunder Harley Davidson.. I know Justin is there at least 4 times a week and spends no less than 3 hours each time... I promise, I will get him out of your hair soon... either with or without a bike!

So even though the Harley has been the topic of EVERY conversation we have these days, I have managed to find something to distract myself as Justin rambles on about new handlebars, pipes, etc., I started sewing! Yes, I usually only do it when there is a baby shower and I need to make a cute gift... however, after the reaction at the last baby shower that I went to.. I have decided to actually start trying to sell a couple of my homemade goodies! And who would have guessed.. I actually have people that want to buy some! Either way if I sell anything or just do it as a hobby for all the little kiddos in my life... it's relaxing and enjoyable for me! So are you ready to see what I have been creating.....
Onesies and T-Shirts

Shirt for Ms. Carigan's 2nd birthday party.. Cupcake theme!

Shirt, Bow and matching tutu for Ms. Harlan's 1 year pics
Dinosaur onesie for Kim's new baby boy!
Shirts for my girlfriend Brandi's new little baby girl Avery!

(Not completely done yet, need to sew on the fabric flower that matches the "A" fabric!)

Ms. Ella's Bucket, onesie's and Tutu's for the Baby Shower!

And of course some hair bows for all the girlie's! ( I guess I need to start perfecting my crocheting so that I can make beanies for the boys!)

There are other little projects that I have been working on and will take pics and post them as soon as they are finished! Who knew that this could be so therapeutic for me :) So if anyone has an idea of something they would like for me to make for them.. just email me and I will get to work on it!

Weekend with the Girls....

And in other news... I had my two best girlfriends get away from T town this weekend to come stay with me! OH and they brought Ms. Harlan! We had so much fun doing absolutely nothing! I couldn't have asked for a better or more relaxing weekend! Thank you girls for making me smile all weekend long! Well maybe I should thank this cutie pie because she was certainly the center of attention for all of us this weekend!

How gorgeous is she!!!

And finally, how can I forget this lovable face! He spent the weekend at Mama Me's since we had company and was thoroughly tuckered out when he came home!

But at least he livened up just enough to move to his new DOG BED! Yep, my girlfriends brought down his beautiful new dog bed that their mom made for him! She owns Grande Hooch and the items are absolutely to die for! Needless to say, Rufus will soon be needing another bed for downstairs! How can I even compare the old brown boring dog bed he did have to this!

What an ending to a perfect weekend! Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. All the stuff you have made is really cute! So talented! I love your Boxer! He is a cutie.




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