Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three Point Stance on Life

Last night was officially the first practice of the season. One by one all the little boys showed up.. some scared, some excited, some nervous, some smiling, and well some were just doing things that we really couldn't figure out.

The coaches herded the little men out onto the field after helmets were securely fastened (well most of them at least). The warm up drills started... jumping jacks were first (well some kids looked like they were just jumping rather than doing jacks) then push ups (I think we can now refer to these as the worm... since that is what the little bodies looked like in their attempts of push ups) and next well I am not sure what you call it.. but I know they were lying on their backs with their legs in the air, frantically kicking for a few minutes, then it slowed and you just had boys lying on their backs (while I presume they were still suppose to have their feet in the air).

All while the warm ups are going on, you start to see the challenges that will face these coaches through the season......

The one little boy who is squatted down throughout the warm up, almost in a fetal position, not participating

The little boy picking weeds or grass and throwing it in the air to see how far it will travel

All the little boys having to "go number one" every two seconds

The little boy who pulls the the little girls hair while running and then pushes her down (Yes, we do have a little girl on the team.. and I think she can out run those pesky little boys)

Yep that is what I saw while sitting and observing our first official practice. Then I look around at the spectators or I guess I could call them parents and I can't help but feel a little bit out of place..... I mean, I am the only one there without a little one (and not mention that half the moms look way younger than me)

So why are we out there... Why did Justin agree to coach a team that we have don't have a direct interest in? Why am I almost 30 and not married and without children? Shouldn't I be one of those moms sitting on the sidelines with a little man out there learning down set hut and the three point stance? So after I almost panic for a second thinking that I am way behind the game of mommy hood.. I realize something.......

I am not married because I chose not be married at an early age. I do not have kids because I chose not to have them right now. Instead, throughout my 20's I enjoyed vacationing in Hawaii for a couple of weeks, traveling to the Hampton's and Naples to visit friends, going to NYC and watching Broadway shows and shopping, watching cubs games at Wrigley Field, listening to the ocean in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, spending many days sitting on the beach in Mexico sipping margaritas, driving through wine country and tasting amazing wines, and most of all I enjoyed my freedom to do anything and everything that I wanted to do! I experienced life and took full advantage of every opportunity that was given to me!

So can the spectators (parents) sitting, watching their boys learn the three point stance, say that much? Have they been able to experience all the wonderful things that I have? Most likely the answer is probably not but you never know. So even though I may look at them in envy because they have that precious little human being learning their three point stance... they may feel the same about me... either way, its the paths that we have chose and I think that when I do get to join the mommy club, it will be that much more special to me. So for right now, I will just enjoy being Tata.. the one who is always there cheering the little ones on, the one who makes tutu's for birthday parties, the one who loves all her "nieces and nephews" and spoils them rotten. The one who sits on the sidelines of a football practice cheering with all the spectators watching and admiring her boyfriend help a little boy put on his shoe, fix a helmet, or do a jumping jack.... because one day soon, hopefully I will be out there cheering for my very own little man learning his three point stance!

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  1. Your time will come and it will all be worth it! :)




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