Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Introducing.... Merritt Grace Fuller

I finally gave Mandy enough guilt that she sent me pics of Ms. Merritt! I think she is about 10 weeks old now, but at least I can no longer say I don't have any :) So introducing my newest little niece Merritt!! (And yes, I am already completely smitten by her!)

Merritt with her FULL head of hair at the hospital!

Here is Mandy, Merritt, Morgandy and I about 15 Minutes after her arrival!!!! And can I add that Mandy looks AMAZING for just having a baby! Justin better not think that I am going to be looking that good after going through labor :)

She is a DIVA already!

And this has to be my favorite photo so far.... mainly because it has two very very precious little girls in it!

Morgandy giving baby Merritt kisses! Ahhh... I sure do love these two!
On a second note.. Ms. Morgandy will be starting 5th grade tomorrow! I mean seriously were does the time go... I still remember her 6th birthday party where she had 20 little girls stay the night and had a Strawberry Shortcake theme! I sure do wish that we could just stop time and make her that little girl again because she is growing up way to fast. :(

I even told Mandy the other day that talking to Morgandy is like talking to her on the phone. I can officially have a "grown up" conversation with her! For instance the other night she called and we sat and talked for about 30 minutes about life..... she wanted to know when I was going to get married, have kids, what Justin was doing, etc. And to think she is only 10 and talking to me about this stuff.... I guess that is what I get for acting more like her sister than a grown up!

But even though she is growing up, she is still the same ole Momo.. and I got to witness that last week when I stopped by to say hi to the girls before they headed out of town and Morgandy ran up and gave me lots of hugs and then snuggled with me while I was holding Merritt! So see even though she is getting bigger.. we still have a little girl to love on!

So Morgandy - I wish you the best of luck tomorrow at school! ....and just remember if you ever need someone to check you out early to go shopping or play hooky just give me a call! (P.S. we might have to clear this with your mom and Roger first but I can take care of that... because that is what Tata's are for!)
And just for a look into the past... here are some pics of the 5th grader in Mexico for her mommy's wedding! (I don't have access to all my other photos or this blog would never end!)

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