Thursday, August 13, 2009

Football Time and Smiling Faces

Last night was football practice for Justin, so I tagged along and was so happy that I did! Last nights practice was with full pads! All I can say is it was Absolutely HILARIOUS! If you have not had the pleasure to witness little 4,5, and 6 year old boys learning how to "hit" each other with full pads, I fully recommend you seek a team out and watch! I think I might have laughed 2 lbs off!

When the coaches made the boys go one on one against each other and try to tackle the boy the carrying the football, chaos, was the only thing that could occur. This is what I witnessed...
  • Boys avoiding being hit by running around the coaches, parents, etc.... instead of running straight through like they were suppose to.
  • Boys looking at each other and instead of tackling they decided it was better to "Hug It Out"
  • The playground looking alot more exciting than practice, therefore, when no one was watching, they headed for the swings.
  • Some boys thinking that if you yell as loud as you can that somehow you might tackle the other boy without even touching him.
  • Boys to scared to even touch the other boy that tears would flow upon first word that it was there turn to tackle.

Oh the goodness of football is all I can say! Such a great evening watching the little munchkins! (And of course because I got to watch Justin interacting with all kiddos and loving every minute of it. He's going to be such a great dad some day!)

And on another note... while the boys were out practicing... Miss Brinleigh was very interested in my camera so I got some really good pics of her! (But don't think she wasn't interested in the boys.. the whole time she was yelling at all of them.. I think she might just be boy crazy already! Watch out Brian, she is going to be a handful!)

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  1. I love the pictures! And watching kids at interact with other kids, at sports or school or wherever, is always so much fun!




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