Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Onesies and Rufus

Last night I made a "fireman" related onesie for one of the guys at Justin's station! Ed just found out on Monday that he is getting transferred... so Justin wanted to give him a going away gift/baby gift! He is expecting his first little kiddo in December and it's going to be a girl! So Justin asked if I could make a onesie for a girl that is "fire" related! I didn't really know how I could accomplish this.. but I figured if you add a bow and a tutu you can make anything girly! Here is the finished product that I am extremely proud of!

I also made a onesie last night for my friend Mandy, who is having to go back to work next week from maternity leave :( She is super sad, so I thought I would make Merritt an "I Love Mom" shirt and tutu and leave it on her door step to surprise her! I can not even imagine how hard it's gong to be to leave that precious little girl! I told her that I would quit my job and become her nanny! For some reason, Justin is not going for that at all!

And finally here is a Butterfly onesie that I made for my friend Keri who is throwing a baby shower for a coworker!

In other news... I think Rufus is finally becoming healthy! After taking him to the vet every week for the last 3 weeks....oh wait, I think it's been more like a month or two now..... he is perking up and becoming the old Rufus! He has now battled dog acne, bacterial infections, mange, ear infections, skin irritations and numerous other things! Geez!! I saw an article in a paper the other day that the average dog owner spends about $356 dollars a year in vet bills! Um, I think that is more like what we spend in one week! Gotta love the Gufus!

Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday! I know I will because I get to work from home!

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  1. Oh my gosh Tatum! Is this you!?? How exciting! I just randomly found you and can't believe it! Ah, the joys of blogstalking! :)

    I'm so excited and I loved catching up with your life via your blog!!!!




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