Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday is Closer to Friday ... Right?

So the past couple of days have been a whirlwind!!! I have been staying up late trying to get orders out and I finally feel like I am making a dent in getting everything done :)

I was able to ship off four shirts yesterday to my cousin in Stillwater and they all turned out soooo cute! However, I was in such a hurry to get them shipped that I totally forgot to take pics.. but I definitely know that I am gong to make myself a cross shirt after seeing how cute the ones on the youth shirts turned out!! I am even thinking of doing some of these as Christmas gifts for all the little kiddos that I have running around me.. they were just that cute!
Last night I was also able to finish up the following shirt orders..

Bis Sis shirt for a little 2 year old with matching lime green tutu and hair bow (still making the tutu)... She is wearing it in pics they are taking with her and her mom's belly!

KU onesie and hair bow! This one is just adorable in person... and of course it's really girly!!! (My favorite thing about this is the KU on the back in the heart!!!)

Lil Sis for a baby shower gift for a friend. Still not completely finished with this.. I need to add rhinestones, etc. to it to make it a little bit more flashy!

So in other news, I still have about 40 orders outstanding, but hopefully I can stay up late this week and get alot of those finished!!! I am still just sooo amazed and excited about how well this little "Hobby" of mine has taken off! I could not be more blessed to be able to share all my fun onesies/shirts with people!
Hope everyone enjoys thier day.. it's a rainy cold day in OK but it's Tuesday and that means it is one day closer to Friday!!!!

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