Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I certainly did!!!! I got to see my favorite little girl Morgandy, play in her basketball game on Saturday and yes, she is doing great at her free throws! I still know NOTHING about basketball so I just kind of sat at the game holding baby Merritt and yelling when I thought it was appropriate!(Really I just wait to hear other people yell then try to say something kind of like what they do :) ) After the game, I got to take momo home and that is when she informed me with the cutest little smile that I really do need to learn more about the game of basketball when I was telling her she did good at that shooting thing :) AHH you just got to love her!

Saturday afternoon Justin surprised me and got home early from working in Texas! And so we enjoyed doing absolutely nothing but watching football and sewing! (I still am trying to talk him into sewing something for me, but he hasn't given in just yet.) Then on Sunday morning, I got an even better surprise, Justin was suppose to be at the station but had taken off till 7 pm so that we could spend the day together which included going to church, putting the study together, etc. I cannot describe how happy I was to have him home on a Sunday....... even it if was till just 6 pm!

In sewing news, I finished 5 shirts this weekend and they all turned out sooo adorable! I am packing them up and shipping them out tonight so I will take pics beforehand and post them tomorrow!!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!

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