Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Friday!

So nothing really new to post about today... other than I did finish up about 4 orders last night :). I have them packaged and ready to ship or deliver! One of the orders that I finished was for a girls medium leopard print OU shirt... I was not so sure how I would do on a bigger size shirt but I truthfully love how it turned out! Here are a couple of pics!

It's funny because I have SOOOO many ideas for shirts running through my head that I wish I could take off work for a month and get them all made! But since that is not possible right now.. I have been trying to at least work on one or two new ideas in between orders. Hopefully when I get caught up, I can make all these crazy shirts I have in my head that I know everyone will love :) Or at least I will love them!

In other news.. I am desperately trying to get Justin to take off work on Sunday so we can start painting the study/office! I absolutely love the furniture that we bought and can not wait to put the room together! We have decided to go with an antique fire theme.. and I have been desperately searching the internet for black and white picture of old fires in Oklahoma.. not haveing so much luck, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I will find them! Another thing that I really want in the office are my diplomas... so I finally told Justin that all I want for Christmas were my diplomas framed and a pic of each school framed with them... so I will have to wait and see how this turns out.. I am assuming he will pass on this challenge to me! Nothing better than getting to buy your own Christmas present! :) And I have to add that when I told Justin that I wanted them framed.. I secretly laughed not because I don't want them displayed... but because I got a degree in accounting and then an MBA and a Masters in Health Care Administration and now all I want to do is sew and be a stay at home mom (well one day at least :)) I wonder if I could find a diploma to frame for those two careers!

Hope everyone is excited about the weekend! I know that I certainly am... because I think I might be having two special visitors tonight... miss Harlan and her mommy!

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