Thursday, September 3, 2009

A whirlwind of a week/weekend

Wow! Is all I can say about this last week and this weekend.... I have had over 30 orders for shirts/onesies! I never even imagined this could happen.. and I have to admit it's a bit overwhelming, but exciting at the same time! I know that right now it's just busy because everyone is trying to get a shirt for football season and it will soon die down and everyone may forget about my sewing... but for now I am loving making all these wonderful things for people! And since I have been extremely busy with orders the last week or so, I want to give props to Justin who is still working on my craft desk, but for the time being he is watching me destroy the kitchen, dining room and living room with all my crafts. He has not said one word when he come in from work and all he can see is onesies on the dining room table, ribbon and bows on the kitchen counter tops and material/scraps strung all over the living room floor!Hopefully this will put a fire under him and he will finish up the desk on his next four day ;)
In other news... I have finished around 10 orders so far and officially put a little "business card" on them...and yes I finally decided on a name... are you ready.... it's ...


I decided the name could not be more appropriate since after all it's what my blog is called and that is where I post most of the pics of the shirts! (And truthfully I just thought it was a really cute name!) So if you see anything that you like or would like to know if I can make a make something that is not on here, you can email me at
Attached below are a couple of pics of some of my finished orders before delivery/shipping.

And then some pics of some other orders/shirts that I have made!

I still have about 20 more orders at the house that I am working on along with some new shirts for Halloween/Fall/Winter and some really fun girly girl shirts that any little diva would love... OK, well maybe the diva's mom would love alot more than her, but it's all the same! :)

OH What a wonderful Saturday!
In other news, on Saturday I got to spend the day with Mandy and Merritt while we watched football and did some sewing, cutting, and designing shirts! (AND YES, we cheered on our Cowboys to a win over Georgia!) That of course meant all three of us decked out in our OSU gear! I was not able to get a pic of all three of us :( but this one of mom and daughter is certainly adorable enough!

I also cannot thank Mandy enough for letting me invade her house with all my projects and helping me get a head start on all my orders and for even helping me come up with some awesome new shirt ideas!!! and yes, she has already put about 3 or 4 orders in of her own! OH and did I mention that Ms. Merritt wore her cross onesie to the Country Club on Sunday.. Mandy has promised me that she took pics... so I am going to have to make sure that I harass her enough till I get a copy of one of her in it! :)
And on a final note.. This is what I got to enjoy all day on Saturday! Isn't she precious! I just love her to pieces!

Oh and of course I love her sister to pieces too!!

And just to let everyone know that I do not think that Mandy allows Morgandy to dress like this for any events outside of the house!
Hope eveyone had a great weekend!

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