Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I know, I have not been good about posting!

So I think it's been about 5 days since I have posted anything... I guess I have just been sooooo busy at work and at home that the time just slipped by me :) Nothing really new to post about but there will be a ton of pics of the orders that I have completed hopefully tomorrow! I have finished about 10 shirts and have about 30 more to go..... but at least I feel like I have made headway! Now I can finally start working on some cool new shirts! In other good news I just got a ton of headbands in and should be getting some kufi hats in soon!!! I cannot wait to get these and pair them with some fun shirts!

Now on to something that does not pertain to sewing... Justin and I went on Saturday and got some of our fall decorations for the front of the house! It is starting to look sooo cute and I cannot wait to add my wreath and garland to the windows out front! Oh and of course some more pumpkins that we create ourselves!!!! The inside is starting to look like fall but I still need to get all my fall dishes out, my garland, centerpieces, etc! I am hoping htat I will be able to do that this weekend!

So I leave you all with just one little photo that I have.... a pic of my house in the works of getting ready for fall!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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