Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Onesies just finished!!!

So I just finished these onesie and had to share!

Zebra Cross onesie for a baby shower gift of a friend.

Very cute I love mom onesie! I think this one turned out great and I am sure that I will be doing a ton more of these once everyone sees this one!!!

Ok, well it's time to hit the sack! I am completely exhausted and have a very busy day at my "full time" job tomorrow! AHHHH, if Justin would only let me quit my job and stay at home and do this all day.. Just imagine all the fun stuff I would make :) But then again, if I did stay home what would I do with all those master degrees I got... that of course is what I keep getting told by Justin! I guess he does have a point!

Have a good night!!!

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