Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Injury has Me Even More Behind on Orders

Hi all!
I am still in the process of trying to respond to everyone's emails regarding orders, etc. that I received while I was gone. I am also trying my best to finish up all previous orders and get those out the door this week....however, I have now had a little set back.
Last week, I started feeling some severe pain in my right hand/arm. I shrugged it off thinking Rufus accidently ran into me to hard or maybe I hit my arm on something, but in the next couple of days it seemed to get alot worse. When I would try to sew I could not hold the needle without severe pain overtaking my hand/arm, I could not use scissors or even type an email!
I finally asked Justin's aunt (a nurse) about the pain and she suggested that I might have carpal tunnel in my hand/arm. So she suggested that I take some motrin and keep my hand and arm wrapped in an ace bandage at night to see if this will help the swelling go down and the pain to surpass. Well after three days, my arm is still completely swollen and the pain has not eased up at all. (Really I can't even type with my hand, I amd doing the good old fashioned hit one key at a time typing to write this)
So now since the swelling has not eased and the pain is still intolerable, everyone is starting to think I might have broken something! AHHHHH!
Needless to say I have a doctors appointment scheduled for tomorrow at 10:50 and I am very interested to learn what is going on with my arm!
I am very very sorry to everyone that I have not yet responded to via email.
I promise this is not like me at all!
I am usually very prompt on responding to any inquiry or order but the truth is, right now I cannot physically type without severe pain :(
I am hoping that the doctor will shed some insight on what is going on with my hand/arm tomorrow and then get me started on the healing path!
So please everyone say a prayer that it's just something minor and can be corrected quickly because I really really want to get back to SEWING.. I miss it!
Hope everyone has a great day and I will keep you all posted!
P.S. I turned 30 and look what is happening to me! Not a great start into the thirties so far :)

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  1. Oh no!!! I hope you feel better soon!!! rest up!




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