Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Precious Little Ones!

I have been meaning for a long time to post some pictures of little ones in my shirts! So finally I sat down today and uploaded most of them! Hope everyone enjoys!

Ms. Carigan at her 2nd birthday party, which had a cupcake theme! How precious is she!

Go Pokes! I think we might have a little cowboy cheerleader in the making!

Ahh... now I couldn't resist posting pics of these two! Here is Merritt in her ghost costume that I made her this year! Her mom said that she LOVED her tutu so much that apparently she had it in her mouth most of the day :)


Such chubby cheeks.. I love them!

And finally, this little one is just as cute as can be in her zebra OSU onesie! Thank you to her mom for taking the great pics!

So I know that all the kiddos looked adorable in their shirts.. but this pics will really make you smile!
Is that not the best bow ever! I got this for Mandy for her baby shower and wouldn't you know it.. her husband for some reason does not like it all! I think he said something about it being to puffy, a little over the top, etc. I just can't understand what he is talking about :) So just to make Roger happy, I have decided to start making these! And yes, I will be providing Merritt with a couple new ones soon! I am sure that her daddy will just love them!

Now on another note.. I finished a couple of orders last week and just thought I would share the pics!

Hope everyone has a great day! It is one day closer to the weekend... which is always a good thing!

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  1. tatum...they are so cute! I have to ask. Is that little miss maggie ruby in the OSU get up? I would recognize that sweet face anywhere!

    i'm so impressed with you!




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