Friday, November 20, 2009

Kellys Korner - Show us your Pet

So this week at Kelly's Korner it is "Show us your Pet" ! I am super excited about this week because I adore our little Rufus! OK - so he may not be little anymore due to all the food we are feeding him :) Anyway, Rufus officially runs our house and is probably the most spoiled dog ever! I mean what other dog whines at night until he is allowed to get on the bed and is then covered up with his blanket! Yes, we have created a monster but at least he is an adorable one! Hope you enjoy a few pics of Mutt!

Rufus when we picked him out at the breeders!

I surprised Justin and went to Bartlesville and got Rufus without him knowing for his birthday surprise! How precious is he with his little red bow waiting for Justin!

After Justin got off work at the Fire station.. he found his new little puppy waiting for him! I think he was smitten by him from the beginning!

This is usually how I would find the two of them when Justin would get home from training!

Rufus doing what he does best.. getting into things! Yep, he got caught!

If anyone knows us really well, they know that for awhile Rufus was CONSTANTLY at the vets for some sort of emergency! Lets see...
  1. He fell out of the truck window going 40 mph (This was a lesson learned and now all windows are rolled up!)
  2. He sliced his knee open on a piece of metal a mama me's (This is what we call my mom)
  3. He got the mange
  4. He has dog acne
  5. He sliced his foot open at the dog park
  6. He got a double ear infection

So here is a pic of the Guf after he fell out of the truck and had to be at the emergency vet for a couple of hours :( . What you don't see is the road rash that completely covered his poor little belly. AHHH.. just a warning to everyone,please do not let your dog hang out the window!

Rufus playing with his favorite toy.. His bright colored ball! And yes, Justin and I do go to the park and play keep away from him (soccer style) with this ball and absolutely have a blast!

This is of course what I just told everyone NOT to let their dog do! Pre - injury picture of course!

And finally, a pic of the absolutely best dog ever! Even though he thinks he is a lap dog but weighs 70 lbs, even though he takes up the WHOLE bed at night when we go to sleep, even though he whines constantly to get your attention so he can go to Starbucks to get his doggy cappuccino, we love this little mutt and would not know what to do without him!

Hope everyone enjoyed! Happy Friday!

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