Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Rufus!

Rufus is 2 today and to celebrate we are having a birthday party for him tonight with all the fam! I know... we must be crazy but when you don't have kiddos running around to celebrate thier birthdays, I guess the dog becomes the best replacement :)
We started off the day just right by going to Starbucks so Rufus could get his puppy cappuccino and then after he engulfed his wonderful snack, it was off to bed to take a nap with Justin. The two of them are sleeping away while I get to clean the house, organize my craft room, do a little bit of shopping for Rufus's birthday, etc. But I wouldn't have it any other way!
Tonight we are not only going to have a little birthday party for Rufus but we are putting up the Christmas decorations! Ahhhh, I couldn't ask for a better day! So I promise to take lots of pics at Rufus's "Birthday Party" tonight so everyone can see how absolute crazy we actually are :)
Happy Birthday Gufus! You are truly a blessing to both of us (that is when you are not costing us money at the vet).

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