Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Momo really 11?

Friday was my favorite little girls Birthday! Well ok, so she really isn't a "little" girl anymore! Miss Morgandy turned 11 and her mom organized a super fun scrapbook sleepover for her and 8 of her friends! Oh how the sleepover brought back so many memories! When she was five her mom thought it was a brilliant idea to invite 29 little 4 and 5 year olds to a sleep over! And get this.. she was planning on handling all this by herself! Needless to say when I heard about this crazy arrangement, I stepped in and so nicely offered to be there for the sleepover! (Seriously, what was I thinking!) Anyway, we managed to survive the sleepover way back then.. so for this one.... I did the nicest thing a friend could do.. I stayed until the singing and dancing got so loud my ears were ringing then I so politely excused myself to my humble abode stating I was exhausted from helping with my moms garage sale all day :) I figured we should let Roger get the full effect of an 11 year olds sleepover :)

But even though I did not get to experience the whole "sleepover" this time, I still got alot of precious memories of Momo's 11th Birthday. Just look at the pics below!

All the girls scrapbooking!

Morgandy's AWESOME cake that her mom had made! And yes, I did make the cake because momo and I were two of the cutest bridesmaids ever!

Momo blowing out her candles!

All the girls!
And after you watch the video below. can you even imagine what her mom has in store for when Momo turns 13! Mandy - I wish you the best of luck... I will be ready with my scarf and convertible any time you need me!

Happy Birthday Miss Morgandy! You are certainly growing up to be a beautiful young lady and I love you bunches!

Love - Your Tata!

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