Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Time is Here!

Here are a couple more onesies/shirts that I finshed this last week/weekend!

Shirts for two sisters.... I think they will look precious in these!

Personalized Christmas shirt for a friends little girl, Shaylee. I think this turned out adorable! Great idea Cami with the initial and the red, green and leopard :)

Princess Crown onesie for my aunt to take to a baby shower!

And finally..

Oklahoma City Fire Department onesie for a fireman's little girl! Addie found my blog through Kelly's Korner and emailed me about making the fire hydrant onesie for her little girl. Come to find out through emails.. she lives about 10 miles from me and both of our men are on the Oklahoma City Fire Department and get this... I went to high school with her husband. And even better, when she told her sister about my blog, her sister had actually already heard of it because she is good friends with my cousin in Stillwater. WOW.. it is such a small world sometimes! So since Addie is so close to me, I actually got to meet her when I gave her the onesie and she and her little girl are just precious. It is always so nice to meet another fireman's wife.. they know exactly what you are going through :)

Little Boys

I have realized (after someone so kindly brought it to my attention) that I am excluding little boys in all the fun Christmas shirts that I am making. So I decided to do some Naughty/Nice shirts, Elf shirts and then of course some I love Santa Shirts. Hopefully these will be something that are tailored more to the awesome little boys out there! If anyone else has any fun boy shirt ideas for Christmas, please let me know! I am always open for suggestions!

Hope everyone has a great monday!

P.S I just to post this picture again because I think it is adorable!

Yes, Jen.. I am showing off your daughter but you can tell travis I am showing off his photography skills :)

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