Friday, October 30, 2009

The Pioneer Woman in OKC!

A month or so ago, I heard that the Pioneer Woman was coming to OKC on her book signing tour for her new cookbook! I couldn't have been more thrilled and have been anticipating her arrival into the big city ever since! So yesterday was the day that she was here at the Full Circle Bookstoore in 50 Penn Place and sadly none of my girlfriends could go... so I planned on attending the great book signing alone! However, when I got home.. my wonderful fireman offered to go with me.... after all how long could a book signing take right? So we jump into the car and I am grinning from ear to ear because I am sooo excited to see the one and only Ree Drummond... I get my camera out to make sure that there is plenty of space left for new pics.. and what do I learn but that my camera is dead! What... are you kidding me! Of all times to go dead, so what does the wonderful fireman do..stops without even saying a word at 711 and walks in buys a disposable! Yep, we are high class these days.. I was off to the Pioneer Womans book signing with a disposable camera! I doubt the pictures will come out anywhere near the quality of hers :)

Meanwhile Justin is still trying to figure out why I want to go to a book signing of a woman who blogs ... He is totally clueless to this whole other world out there still :) So at 6:30 on the dot, we pull into the bookstore parking lot and it's PACKED! Justin trys to tell me that there is no way there will be alot of people at the signing that all the cars have to be here for something else... well boy was he wrong! As we walked into the bookstore, all you could see were hundreds of people lined up! I guess since I have never attended a book signing before, I didn't know that you needed to show up at noon in order to get at least a decent place in line! Needless to say Justin was amazed and how many people showed up.. and me being so nice.. told Justin that we did not have to stand in line. I just couldnt make him stand there for probably multiple hours.. so I sadly left the bookstore without even a glimpse of Ree. :(

HOWEVER... as we are walking out to our car in the parking garage who should pull up and park next to us but the one and the onlyMARLBORO MAN! And yes ladies, he is just as handsome, no I take that back, he is way more handsome in person! I am sad to report though I didnt even think of getting my new disposable camera out to get pic of him :( I was to much in a hurry to call my mom and tell her who just parked next to us.. and do you want to know her first words, "OMG, Really, He's is sooo Good Looking! Did you get a pic". AHHH.. if only I would have thought to pull out the camera!

Anyway, Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a Happy Halloween weekend!



  1. NO WAY.... you met the Marlboro man?????? pics????

  2. Oh. My. God. Im am super jealous that you got so close to Marlboro Man, wow he is beyond handsome. But no pictures??!! AAAGGGHHHH You have let us down!! haha Just kidding. Happy Halloween




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