Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guess What! My Logo is Finished!

So it has been a work in progress trying to get everything together to officially start my small little business but things are finally starting to come about! And so I am really excited to show everyone the new logo for Tater Tots and Fire Hoses!

Isn't it awesome! And if you are wondering if I came up with this... well lets be realistic! I may be able to make some onesies but graphic design is certainly not my calling :)

My logo was actually created by Autumn from www.autumnleahdesigns.com! And she is also designing my business cards, stickers, etc. She has been amazing to work with and sooo fast! Soooo if anybody is ever in need a logo, etsy banner, personal stickers, etc. she is your gal!

Thanks so much Autumn, I really do appreciate it!

Hope everyone has a great day!



  1. Thank you so much!! I am so happy you like it and I have loved working with you;)
    Good luck with your new shop!




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