Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a few new items!

Ok - So here are just a few things that I have been working on! Still not completely finished with all my orders or new shirts but hopefully I will be soon! Hope everyone enjoys!
Big Sis outfit : Tutu, shirt and fun hat to wear in family pics!
I love mimi onesie for a great friend of mine!
I Love this one!!! I made this as a gift for a friends little girl and she is going to be the cutest little pokes fan out there!
Skull tie onesie for a little Mohawk wearing little boy!

Not a great pic but the first stages of a couple of tutu dresses that my mom and I are making! Just thought I would post a pic to show the start of a great dress up dress!
I hope everyone liked some of the new stuff! There is still a bunch keep looking back for new pics!
Have a great week!

1 comment:

  1. I found your cute creations through Kellys Korner...
    Your boutique is just darling! I love your adorable tutus and personalized items!

    I had an invitation I wanted to extend to you! I have a high traffic blog mostly geared to women and moms that I think would benefit from knowing about your work. I host a giveaway every week to promote small businesses and specialty boutiques. I have featured dozens of Etsy vendors and home based businesses and when I saw your cute selection, I wondered if this might serve you? If the exposure opportunity would ever benefit you, Id be happy to send you an application to be a featured vendor.

    You are one talented lady - so cute!!





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