Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Hi all! Well this weekend was a whirlwind but it was sooo much fun! I had two of my best friends, Lauren and Nikki up and one of their boyfriends and then of course Ms. Harlan! I can't even begin to describe how much fun we all had! Ms. Harlan is officially 10 months and just sooo much fun to play with. Justin and her bonded while watching the OU game... if only I had taken a pic of Harlan sitting next to him with her bottle while he is explaining the OU game to her... it was priceless!!!!

Lauren, Harlan and I cooked all day on Saturday, went for walks, drank hot apple cider on the front porch and just talked! OH but the best part of the day came when our hot water tank went out on Saturday night.. .what could be better than a house full of people and no hot water! Don't worry though, Justin's dad Kimbo came to the rescue on Sunday morning and we now have a brand new one that is working great! I just need to apologize to Brett and Nikki since they didn't get to take showers while they were here! Justin and I both apologize for not being great hosts and we really really hope that they will come back down and stay soon! We promise it will be a much better weekend!

And finally (Nikki and Lauren know what I am talking about) I just want to tell the girlie's thank you for being there for me this weekend... I could not have prayed for a better weekend for everything to happen on. To have my closest friends by my side was truly a blessing. Thank you girls and I love you!

And now some pics of my favorite little niece...

Hope everyone has a great week!

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