Friday, July 17, 2009

Miss Harlan

It has been forever (well more like a month, but it seems like forever) since I have been able to see two of my best girlfriends, Lauren and Nikki, who live in Tulsa. I know, Tulsa is only about an hour and a half away, so you would think we would be able to see each other all the time.. but unfortunately, with our busy schedules it doesn't work out that way :(. So needless to say I am having seriously withdrawls! Withdrawls from not seeing my two best girlfriends... well yes of course, but mainly from not seeing my precious little niece Harlan! So in hopes that I can fill the void until I get to see her (Hopefully this next weekend ) I decided to showcase her on my blog! So this is a day in the life of Ms. Harlan.....

Harlan preparing to watch her first OSU game! Lauren is certainly raising her baby girl right!

First snow day.. I think she is excited.

Relaxation in the sun! She is definitely taking after her mom and Aunt Nikki... lets just hope she doesn't decide to move to Florida anytime soon!

Priceless! The smile makes your heart melt!

Wayne and Ms. Harlan...

Her first Care Bear! I can't believe they still have these around :)

Mommy and Harlan on the 4th of July. Do you see that view... she's not spoiled or anything!

Absolutely Precious! Daddy and Harlan after a long day a the pool.

Harlans first baseball game. UH OH mom and dad, you better watch out, I think she has a thing for those baseball players.

Absolutely love her!

She's getting so big!

Harlan enjoying her first boat ride with her new life jacket!

I dont think she has choice for college! It is Cowboys all the way!

Wow is all I can say! Ms. Harlan is growing up soooo fast. I just wish I was able to see her so much more :( She is truly a blessing to be around and I can't wait till she is old enough so I can tell her all the funny stories that her mom, Aunt Nikki and I have had throughout the years! (Don't worry Lauren, I will only tell her the good ones).
Love you bunches Miss Harlan... XOXOXOX

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