Friday, July 10, 2009

Me From A-Z

I saw this and thought I would play along!

A. Age 29
B. Bed Size - Queen
C. Chore you hate - Mopping the Floors
D. Dogs Name - Rufus the Gufus
E. Essential starts to your day - Diet Coke from sonic, Diet Lemonade from Chic fil A or a tall non fat vanilla latte from Starbucks. ( I like to switch it up each day )
F. Favorite Color - Yellow
G. Gold, Silver, or Platinum - Platinum of course!
H. Height - 5'1"yep, Im a shorty
I. Instruments you play - None, but does it count if Justin is trying to teach me to play the guitar.. I can still only play one note :)
J. Job Title - Lead Auditor
K. Kids - nope none yet, but I am still Aunt TATA to alot of little kiddos!
L. Living Arrangements - Funny you should ask... I just bought a house with my wonderful/hope to be future husband! (Yes, we have upset many family members with our living arrangements an we are hoping to correct it ASAP)
M. Moms name - Jennifer Lee
N. Nicknames - Tater Tot, Tater, Tater bug, TATA
O. Overnight stay in the hospital - Never.. lets knock on wood
P. Pet Peeve - Laziness... Seriously, get up and get your stuff done!
Q. Quote from a movie - not good at remembering any quotes
R. Right or Left Handed - right
S. Siblings - younger brother by six years, Tad!
T. time you wake up - Weekdays about 5:30 and weekends about 6:30
U. Underwear - VS is a must!
V. Vegatable you dislike - I like almost all veggies...
W. Ways you run late - trying to get my hair fixed
X. Xrays you've had - None... only on my teeth :)
Y. Yummy Food you make - Dirt Cake and cake cookies!!! Everyone loves them
Z. Zoo Favorite - Love the monkeys! Probably because every year I take a group of little kiddos to the zoo by myself so I have my own little group of monkeys around :)

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