Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Time at the Lake

So in honor of the fourth of July we packed up the bags and headed to Lake Eufuala for a fun relaxing weekend with the family! We enjoyed lots of time on the water, great food, game nights and of course lots of fireworks..well at least until the rain came in.

Here are just some of the pics that captured the weekend!

Erin, Landry, Emma and Anna all ready for some time on the lake!

Can you sit like this? Since all the kiddos could, my cousin Stacy had to ensure she was not outdone by them!

Landry about to show everyone her skiing abilities!

Fireworks... what more could kids ask for!

This weekend we also got to spend alot of time with my cousin Marc's little one, Brody! He is a year and a half and came in all the way from San Diego to spend the 4th with everyone. As you can tell by the pic below this weekend he mastered the art of smiling for the camera on demand!

Overall the weekend was great and very relaxing....and we are all already counting down the days until our next family get together! So even though is was sad for us to leave the lake I knew I had one thing to look forward to at home.. Rufus! After being at the vets all weekend, he was certainly excited to see all of us when we picked him up... well at least for a little bit... I guess the vet might be more exhausting than I realized. He was out after only a couple of minutes at home!

And to everyone that knows about how bad my allergies are, we have tried over and over again to keep him off the couch so I dont have one of my crazy allergy attacks but it doesn't look like we are making any progress. Seriously though, how can you tell something as cute as this to get off the couch!
Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th! I know that we certainly did!

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