Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Newman Club needs our help for Book Donations

I just received some information from a friend (whom I met through the wonderful world of blogging) that the local Newman Club that her and her husband are actively involved with need our help with obtaining books for their Library.
If anyone is unfamiliar with the Newman Club it is a college club for Catholic students which strives to give these young adults a home away from home as well as increase their faith and knowledge about GOD.
In all this being said the Newman Club is asking for every ones help!
They are asking for donations of Christian books so that they can expand their library at the Newman Club and allow the college kids to read not only inspirational books but those that provide them with more knowledge about their faith!
If you would like to read more about the Newman Club and the Christian book drive please visit
or if you would like to donate some books or find our more information, please send an email to...
Please pass this post on to all of your friends... because it sure is a great joy when you can help someone out :)

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