Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Rufus Found a Friend

So my busy season of work has started up which means I will be traveling alot and sinceJustin is working all the time at the fire station and at the restaurant he manages, poor little Rufus is being neglected.
(He's really not being neglected, I just feel bad for him since he is home by hisself all the time)
So with that being said, I have decided to do something drastic.. I have moved Rufus in with my brother until all the chaos at our house calms down.

At Tad's he will have his little friend Sadie to play with and he will be able to run in and out all day long!
(Tad has a doggie door and even though it's a tiny little door, Rufus always manages to scoop his big booty out of it so he can go enjoy the nice outdoor weather)

And Yes, I am very sad that Rufus is being moved for a bit, but I know it will make him happy which is all that matters! And it will give me a piece of mind that he is ok when I am gone :)

Here is a pic of Sadie and Rufus last night at my bro's. You can see they have already become fast buddies... or maybe I should say Rufus has become a fast nuisance to Sadie as he decided to invade her sleeping spot :)

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