Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aunt Tata

Thought I would share....The 5 precious kiddos that have stolen my Heart!

Brinleigh Reese

Harlan Nicole

Bryce Micheal

Morgandy R'yan

*Merritt Grace pics soon to come!

'So even though I may not be officially an "aunt", I have been given the title of Aunt Tata to five very precious little kiddos...Morgandy (10), Bryce (4), Brinleigh (2), Harlan (6 months) and Merritt (1 week)! Yes, I may not have kiddos of my own but I sure do love these little ones with all my heart and enjoy spoiling them as much as I can!

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  1. Just blog hoppin and wanted to say hello! I'm Alicia from S.C, Nice to meet ya - your blog and family is precious. :)




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