Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Showers and More Showers..

So it seems like all my friends are either having a baby shower or a wedding shower (well mostly baby showers since I am the last one to tie the knot). Every weekend has been filled with wonderful get togethers with friends and a great time for my mom (I just OK the idea) to come up with creative new ways to give gifts.

My moms first creative idea was a duck bathtub filled with all kinds of wonderful baby gifts ... and of course all the gifts have a duck theme! I will post a pic when I get one downloaded from my moms camera, but to give you an idea of what it looked like the duck had all types of tissue paper in it to make it look like water and then had a ton of baby "duck items" to make it look like a little duck pond! Absolutely precious and the glowing mom to be "Keri" was delighted to go through everything for baby Kelby when she got it home. ( I promise a pic is coming soon!!!)

The pictures that are posted above are of the present that my mom came up with for my dear friend Mandy and her Little Girl Merritt... a pink duck bathtub filled with balloon dolls wearing all the precious clothes and hair accessories! My mom decided since we had purchased so many goodies for Little Merritt, that we needed to show case it in a very special way and I think this was a great idea!!! Everyone loved it and Mandy couldn't wait to open all the gifts when she got home with her hubby! (She of course wanted her hubby to see it before she unwrapped it all) Oh and since I had made baby Merritt a little, or should I say rather large tutu, my mom decided she needed to make a little ballerina balloon doll to wear it! The only bad thing was that by the time we arrived at the shower the ballerina balloon was a little deflated.. but still gave everyone a big smile!

I guess everyone should know that my mom is a very special woman who has amazing creative ideas and I only wish that I could come up with some of the projects that she does! I mean really.. who would have thought of balloon dolls? Mom, I adore all your crazy and imaginative projects.. in case I never told you before :)

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