Monday, December 13, 2010

What a weekend!

Well if you read my other blog ( you might know that this last weekend, I took a break from working (1st weekend in I dont know how long I didn't sew) and headed to Tulsa to hang out with some good friends and to go to Harlan's 2nd birthday party!  It was so great to see my girlfriends and thier kiddos, but I just wish I could have gotten to hang out longer.  I really needed an all weekend break from everything and was really looking forward to some girl time after the party but it unfortunately didn't end up that way. :(  The girls had a birthday party to go to and well, that meant I had to head back to OKC... so my relaxing weekend really didn't end up as relaxing as I had planned but hopefully I can have one soon after the holiday season dies down a bit!  I am thinking the mountains might be calling my name... nothing like some snow and sking!

So even though the weekend didnt turn out like I had hoped and needed... I did get to come home and have dinner with some good friends and then lay around and watch christmas movies with my mom. 
Our favorites well that would be fa a la la lifetime and 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family :)  Yes, very kiddish/girlish but they are my absolute favorite and I indulged in every single show that I could...while eating lots of sugar cookies! :) Then since I was home, my brother and I headed out to get some christmas shopping done on Sunday and well, we did about all of it!  I was very impressed that we tackled most of our lists and in only about 3 hours! Wooohooo we are almost done!

And for fun.. here are some pics of this weekend and Harlans Birthday Party!

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