Friday, December 17, 2010

Run, Run and well Run!

You know when you hit that "hump" in something and you think you will never get passed it?
 Well that is kind of how its been with my running.
So I finally got to 6 miles a month ago and then up to 6.5 and well I just kind of stayed there... no more no less.

 Not sure if I hit a hump because I was starting to get bored with the music I was listening to when running or it was just me thinking.. "Hey, I just ran 6.5 why run anymore!". 
Well whatever it was... it finally got defeated on Wednesday when I ran 9 1/2 miles! 

I couldn't be more proud of myself for accomplishing this! 
Because I am definitely not what anyone would call a "runner".  I would have to say I am more of a recreational runner that runs to get away from emails, phone calls, texts, etc!  I think it's the only time that I actually get to not think for a bit... because working two full time jobs (basically) does start wearing you down after awhile!

So anyway, just thought I would share my big accomplishment of the week! 
I am already starting to think of next weeks run... Maybe I will go for 11 or 12! 
(That is if I get a great play list on my itouch to listen too!)

Happy Friday!

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