Friday, December 17, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have to Say No!

So if someone you know asks you to make something for them that they need in less than 2 weeks during your most busiest time of year, would you do it? 
Sometimes I have such a hard time with this decision. Do I say yes - which would definitely cause me more stress, or do I say no - and have that person be upset?

It's little decisions like these that really make starting up your own business hard sometimes.
 I am such a people pleaser and would love to make everyone a shirt when then need one, however, there is only one of me and sometimes I just have to say no. 
(I promise I hate to say no to anyone especially when people ask me to make birthday shirts and other important outfits!  )

And what really gets to me more than anything is when friends/acquaintances really do get upset when I can't full fill their request
(or should I say I usually just don't get an email back from them when I say no)
But I guess when this happens, I truly do learn the good/bad in people. 
Hard way to learn but just another one of life's lessons! 

So please if you ask me to make a shirt and I say no, I promise I do have a reason why I can't do it and most likely it's to keep my sanity due to being overloaded trying to work 2 full time jobs! :)


  1. Tatum, I can only imagine your stress even not during Christmastime. Working with people can be such a challenge. I apologize if I have come across demanding. It mostly comes from being anxious to see your amazing work. It's no excuse though. I am sorry. I hope you are able to relax and de-stress very soon! Merry Christmas!

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  3. Nice post. You're really a people pleaser. Saying yes without hesitation is really a good thing to do. But do not be so surprised with the stress that you will face in the future. But doing a job whole-heartedly makes it more enjoyable to do.

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  5. I agree to your perspective! Sometimes we make decisions that will make us regret the resolution, so we must say no.




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