Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Introducing Boston Reid Beecher

So yesterday (Tuesday, March 16, 2010) was the day that Justin and I decided to go get the Harley from Tulsa. (The Harley will be a whole separate post) So we get all packed up, pick up the trailer to put the bike in and head to Tulsa about 8:30 am.

Well wouldn't' you know it one of my best friends, Nikki, (who was scheduled to be induced on Thursday) called and she was in labor right when we pulled into Tulsa. So of course Justin tells me to go to the hospital and see her and he would ride the Harley around for the afternoon and pick me up later.
Lauren, her sister,OK I have to say it, her identical twin sister, picks me up from the Harley store and we go gather all Nikki and Brett's stuff from the house and then head to the hospital to meet them!

(And I have to admit we raided her cookies and jelly beans while at the house.. apparently she was nesting the day before and made some delicious sugar cookies)
When we got there Nikki was walking the halls with Brett trying to induce labor! And then she got hooked up to the iv's and got potosin to help induce labor and then her epidural! It was the coolest thing ever to actually get to sit with one of my best friends as she starts progressing through labor! I have to say she is a trooper and I never saw one horrible grimace of pain while I was there... I think she was just making the "It Hurts" face, on the Pain Diagram sign in the room :)

Bad news was I did have to leave early so we could get the bike home before dark but just being able to be there with her on her special day was such a blessing and it makes you realize how much of a miracle a little baby is!

So to wrap this up...
Nikki gave birth to Boston Reid Beecher at 9:43 pm last night and Brett, the wonderful father, actually got to deliver his son!
(He is in his residency at the hospital where she gave birth)

More pics to come soon as I am heading up to Tulsa this weekend and will make sure that I take a ton of my new nephew!

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